NLE editor, Photographer.
What Who Where Climb up Trek to see the birdview Uphill Hiking the Journey is the reward for a Traveler
Maximum Closeness close enough for a Spider
Maximum Closeness the close up md of Octopus
Capture Motion running water drops on the glass makes beautiful Bohkeh Maximum Closeness
Tide w/ Sunset and Mavericks Ocean in HongKong Capturing Motion
The Culture Of The Holidays the red md of Beijing the Hutong
People And Places Anyone can Shoot like a Photoghrapher anywhere
People And Places We are in the nature
Color Palette the color of the Sky at Sunset Urban Summer
Eyeemphoto woman opening Oyster  in the Wharf Dock Market
Color Palette Blue color half Water half Sky Underwater Photography in Summer
Color Palette Beach Sand is Golden
The Essence Of Summer Cold Drinks is part of summer nights. Makes you cozy. Alcohol Shooters  w/ lemon
This is Beijing Street
Showcase March
Blue Sky links to Imagination
Photographic Memory
Archetecture Opera House Guangzhou Downtown Night Cities At Night archetoperaguadowntnight
I Love My City Guangzhou Chen Clan Academy in Sunrise Morning People sporting. In harmonious mood.
Glitch Accidentally pressing shutter button when in a wrong setting. Creates a beautiful Lights Urban Night Out Of Focus . Cities At Night capturing motion
Deceptively Simple Ants are nesting new home. They are tough to against Nature .
Protecting Where We Play shooting in Shek O, Hongkong. the Seashore and the Sea
Food Porn Awards I think i will call it Pizwich. Blending the pizza and sandwich. Cheese Oven Pizza Baked
Food Porn Awards Chinese food, mushroom Donggu w/ Chicken and vegetables. Quite the normal one in restaurants.
Food Porn Awards is my sandbox. Sharing is my mission. w/ Parsley and lemon. Enjoy yourself!
Cityscapes Stop by this small town, Jiangmen , under developed town. seems the town of old school. This Building is a typical one old style.
Cityscapes The city after work. Going to the beautiful Sunset
Sound Of Life Go closer to hear the Sea sings.
Beauty Redefined A snapshot when people enjoying the happiest moment. Isn't it beautiful? capturing motion
Capturing Freedom Freedom is to be with you, going anywhere. On the Rock Seashore .
Capture The Moment The moment, the flight, i own it. Nothing can be better than enjoying windy at the Peak . Go where you wanna go. Capturing Freedom
Nature On Your Doorstep Insect Ants were moving in and out before storm. IPhoneography Maximum Closeness
Capturing Movement Seasons Flower
The Foodie - 2015 EyeEm Awards Chinese Food
Share Your Adventure Journey Sightseeing Travel Mountain
The Traveler - 2015 EyeEm Awards Mountain
Secret Garden Saturday
My Country In A Photo Lantern Cities At Night
Violet By Motorola Flower in Spring
Grass in the Sunset Dawn
Spring Into Spring
So long Sunday !
The Dawn The Cloud The Lights