even ur not real, I just feel dat I miss u...hurmmmmmm..just 1 I want to tell u, stop pretending being another person.dats all, its really hurt,
Working Hard
Short Hair Ain't Gonna Care
With Hijab  =)
ok,, Goodmorning :) Goodsmiling but HomeAlone here
Rooftop view,,KL TOWER ,, im Bored Here
Goodnight Smiling
oh damn,, snapping mood..its tiring
Kisses Duckface. Blackandwhite Missing Him :(
Working Hard
Just Me Snaplover Selfie
Hangout wif Friends ,,,,♥nerd gile my face,,,
Dinner Time wif sis
im so Comot dis bored day,, lol
im so Sad ..hmmmm.. Need Somebody Beside Me
Openhouzzeee that day... Sungguh Sopan
with her,, Peace only that thing I can do,,
hey u,, im bored
Friends Miss Them
4 A.m Working Miss U =)
we love Newborn Baby =)
Student Time Islamic Class
Tired Fake Smilee hmm,,, Miss Someone
Justsmile for nothing Special
Swimming Time Hangout Me With My Terrible Collegue ♥♥♥
Sleepy with Mask on CuteFace hehe=)
Movie Time
Showing Teeth Thinking of Him Now
Independence Day im Reading A Book ♥ U Mr.arrogant
Smiling x ikhlas,,=)
Hangout =)
Superwoman wannabe♥ im full already
Girls down here ♥
Somebody to know..
Food Lover ♥♥♥
we r sleepy, Eid Memories Peace , Black And White
Friend Mamak time..=) Working Hard
change the tag plis, dun want work here, bored without Friend
Sisters more days I live, more love to her♥♥
Cute lah konon kan,,, hee:P
♥ ♥ ♥
Working rite now..which one better? LOL
Morning peeps,, I want to be everything, good, bad,a kid, teen, n also an adult,, lifes short,, =),,
Hijab ,,
workin, freakin.
Mirror of Me
Missing Him <3 lot of love dobokkkk♥♥♥
Hanging Out with My Family
Eid Mubaaark ♡.♡ still ♥♥♥
Peace ✌
bolywood wannabe Just Posing
Bazar Last Time This Year hee...♥♥which one is meee? Lepaking
eid...wif frens♥ Hanging Out
hey hey hey Taking Photos
dinner jeerrr,, Taking Photos
snap dude Taking Photos
peace yawww Hanging Out
at home.. Taking Photos