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I'm a self taught amateur just capturing moments when I get caught up in them. instagram: emily3lise e.eliseryan@gmail.com
Hurricane Michael 2018 Hurricane Damage Extreme Weather Wind Destruction Storm Damage Nature Hurricane Storm Weather Hurricane Season  Wind Damage Georgia Tree Wood - Material Sky Cloud - Sky Hurricane - Storm
• Hurricane Michael • Hurricane Michael 2018 Hurricane Damage Destruction Nature Extreme Weather Wind Storm Storm Damage Wind Damage Hurricane Season  Weather Hurricane Georgia Tree Road Sky Hurricane - Storm
• Hurricane Michael • Hurricane Michael 2018 Hurricane Damage Storm Wind Hurricane Weather Storm Damage Destruction Nature Extreme Weather Hurricane Season  Wind Damage Alabama Tree Sky Grass Landscape Hurricane - Storm Fallen Tree
• Hurricane Michael • Power Line  Sky Building Exterior Built Structure Electric Pole Overcast
• Hurricane Michael • Tree Branch Architecture Building Exterior Grass Built Structure Plant Green Color
• Hurricane Michael • Hurricane Michael 2018 Extreme Weather Wind Storm Storm Damage Nature Leaves Weather Wind Damage Destruction Hurricane Damage Hurricane Alabama Tree Technology Bird Cable Sky Grass Cloud - Sky Green Color Hurricane - Storm
• Hurricane Michael • Hurricane Michael 2018 Destruction Storm Damage Extreme Weather Weather Flying Debris Wind Hurricane Season  Nature Building Hurricane Damage Hurricane Wind Damage Storm Alabama Building Exterior Hurricane - Storm Demolished
• Hurricane Michael • Hurricane Michael 2018 Destruction Storm Damage Extreme Weather Wind Flying Debris Weather Storm Leaves Hurricane Nature Wind Damage Hurricane Damage Hurricane Season  Alabama Hurricane - Storm Emergencies And Disasters
• Hurricane Michael • Hurricane Michael 2018 Wind Damage Hurricane Season  Weather Nature Storm Damage Extreme Weather Hurricane Storm Flying Debris Wind Hurricane Damage Georgia Forest Tree Trunk Sky Hurricane - Storm
• Hurricane Michael • Hurricane Michael 2018 Wind Flying Debris Weather Storm Leaves Hurricane Season  Hurricane Hurricane Damage Extreme Weather Building Storm Damage Nature Wind Damage Georgia Text Architecture Cloud - Sky Built Structure Stop Sign
• Hurricane Michael • Hurricane Damage Hurricane Michael 2018 Wind Damage Nature Wind Weather Flying Debris Storm Hurricane Building Storm Damage Hurricane Season  Destruction Georgia City Sky Building Exterior Built Structure Extreme Weather Office Building Hurricane - Storm Road
• Hurricane Michael • Hurricane Michael 2018 Wind Damage Hurricane Damage Nature Hurricane Extreme Weather Storm Wind Hurricane Season  Weather Storm Damage Destruction Building Flying Debris Georgia City Telephone Line Road Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Cloud - Sky Power Line
• Hurricane Michael • Hurricane Season  Storm Damage Weather Hurricane Extreme Weather Hurricane Damage Wind Storm Nature Destruction Wind Damage Georgia Road Sign Stoplight Road Sky Cloud - Sky Directional Sign Stop Sign Traffic Light  Traffic Signal Green Light
• Hurricane Michael • Building Destruction Weather Wind Hurricane Season  Extreme Weather Hurricane Damage Storm Damage Nature Storm Hurricane Georgia City Sky Built Structure
• Hurricane Michael • Wind Flying Debris Weather Storm Leaves Rainy Days Hurricane Hurricane Season  Alabama Extreme Weather Hurricane Damage Storm Damage Nature House Sky Building Exterior Built Structure Rainfall Residential District RainDrop Torrential Rain Cyclone Hurricane - Storm TOWNSCAPE Residential Structure Rain Rainy Season Monsoon
◇ Fungus Amongus ◇ Fungus 🍄 Vine Green Color Nature Fungi Outdoors Nature_collection Exploring Growth Forest Woods Forest Photography Backyard Perspective Naturelovers Farmlife Alabama No People Rural America Alabama Outdoors Mobile Photography OpenEdit Tree Hanging Plant Bark Deforestation Growing Log Mushroom Fungus
◇ The Missing Swing ◇ Branches Shadow Rural America Branch Tree Silhouette Nature Walking Willow Tree Hanging Moss Naturelovers Alabama No People Leaves Backyard Trees And Sky Perspective Alabama Outdoors Mobile Photography OpenEdit Tree Branch Forest Grass Green Color Tree Canopy  Greenery Plant Life Countryside Lush Foliage Vegetation
◇ Low Leaves ◇ Tree Tree Trunk Nature Leaves Bark Oak Tree Bark Texture Outdoors Rain After The Rain Sunlight Up Close Upward View Lookingup Tree Canopy  Branch Moss Green Color Rural America No People Trees And Sky Perspective Naturelovers Backyard Farmlife Alabama Mobile Photography OpenEdit Alabama Outdoors
◇ Litter of Kittens ◇ Litter Kitten Cats Pets Baby Animals Young Animal Newborn Kitties Kittens Baby Just Born Animal Cats Cat Lovers New Naturelovers Farmlife Animal Themes Alabama No People Pet Portraits Backyard Rural America Mobile Photography OpenEdit Pets Dog Domestic Cat Close-up Kitten Cat Whisker Feline Tabby Pet Bed Young Animal Paw Tabby Cat At Home
◇ Cute Kitten ◇ Kitten Baby Animals Newborn Litter Kitty Cats Of EyeEm Kittens Young Animal Baby Kitten Small Feline New Baby Naturelovers Animal Themes Farmlife Alabama No People Rural America Mobile Photography OpenEdit Pets Portrait Domestic Cat Feline Looking At Camera Cute Whisker Hamster Young Animal Close-up Animal Eye Kitten Cat Animal Hair Paw Nose Animal Face
◇ Cat Nap ◇ New Baby Naturelovers Farmlife Animal Themes Alabama No People Kitten Baby Animals Newborn Litter Baby Animals Sleeping Cat Newborn Kittens Rural America Pet Portraits Mobile Photography OpenEdit Pets Feline Domestic Cat Portrait Sleeping Eyes Closed  Close-up Whisker Kitten Animal Face Animal Hair Cat At Home Tabby Cat Tabby
◇ Baby Kitten ◇ Kitten Baby Animal Themes New Baby Cat Litter Alabama No People Naturelovers Farmlife Rural America Small Baby Animals Mobile Photography OpenEdit Pets Portrait Feline Domestic Cat Looking At Camera Whisker Close-up Kitten Cat Animal Hair Young Animal Pet Bed Animal Face Infant At Home
◇ Like A Secret ◇ Throwback Fromthearchives Sunset Silhouette Pink Color Alabama Outdoors Colorful Sky Peach Backyard Naturelovers Perspective How I See The World Tree Silhouette No People Alabama Trees And Sky Rural America Mobile Photography OpenEdit Astronomy Tree Sky
◇ Black Sheep Left Behind ◇ Mobilephotography OpenEdit Domestic Animals Rural America Grass Farm Life Pet Portraits Throwback Black Sheep No People Alabama Animal Themes Pines Grazing Leftbehind Farmland Grass Area Farm Lush Foliage Greenery Flock Of Sheep Pasture Livestock Farm Animal Lamb
◇ Blue Evening ◇ Cloudy Day Trees After Sunset Alabama Outdoors Blue Sky No People Rural America Tree Silhouette Blue Nature Photography Mobile Photography OpenEdit Tree Forest Pine Tree Sky Tree Area Storm Cloud Dramatic Sky Silhouette Overcast Atmospheric Mood
◇ Sunset Surprise ◇ Mobile Photography OpenEdit Pink Color Tree Silhouette Alabama Outdoors Unique Unusual Clouds Throwback Rural America Orange Color Peach Sunset Colorful Sky Tree Sunset Tree Area Red Silhouette Forest Dramatic Sky Sky Cloud - Sky Moody Sky Cloudscape
◇ Peaceful Place ◇ EyeEm Premium Collection Wheat Field Crops Up Close In The Grass Sunlight Springtime Nature Leaves Outdoors Tranquil Scene Green Perching One With Nature No People Alabama Outdoors Nature Photography Green Color Mobilephotography Samsungphotography OpenEdit Rural Scene Agriculture Backgrounds Crop  Cultivated Land Agricultural Field Growing Countryside Plant Life
◇ Flaunting Fresh Pollen ◇ Naturelovers Outdoors OpenEdit No People Vibrant Color Southern America Nature Photography Pink Symmetrical Pollen Nature Green Color Pink Flower Nature_collection Flower Backgrounds Full Frame Springtime Petal Pollen Blossom Close-up Botany Plant Life Single Flower Blooming
◇ Springtime Moments ◇ Pink Color Springtime No People Nature Tree Leaves Nature_collection Outdoors Alabama Countryside Rural Scene Green Color Pink Flowers Pink And White Low Angle View Green Nature Photography Greenery Samsungphotography Mobilephotography OpenEdit Flower Head Flower Tree Springtime Pink Color Petal Blossom Close-up Sky Pollen In Bloom Blooming Plant Life
◇ Tree Canopy ◇ EyeEm Premium Collection OpenEdit Mobilephotography No People Nature Photography Forest Photography Outdoors Leaves Nature Sunlight Blue Sky Tree Tree Leaves Alabama Alabama Outdoors Samsungphotography Tree Forest Sky Green Color Treetop Upward View Woods Tree Canopy  Greenery Growing Green Lush Foliage Tree Trunk
◇ Oceanview Sunset ◇ EyeEm Premium Collection No Filter Travel Destinations Florida Beach Sunset Ocean Sea Sunsets Ocean View High Angle View Nature Tranquility Sunlight Nature Photography Tranquil Scene Mobilephotography Samsungphotography Sand Dune Sea Sunset Beach Sand Summer Seascape Coast Tide Coastline Coastal Feature Surf
◇ First Flower of Spring ◇ Naturelovers Flower Spring Outdoors Purple Flower No People Nature Photography Alabama Outdoors Spring 2018 Nature Spring Flowers Tree Trunk Up Close Green Purple Flower Collection Samsungphotography Mobilephotography OpenEdit Flower Iris - Plant Water Springtime Petal Purple Tree Close-up In Bloom Plant Life Blooming Flowering Plant Blossom Botany
◇ Outdoor Music Festival ◇ Music Outdoors Festival New Orleans Concert Everyday People Music Fans Outdoor Concert People Sitting Grass Friends Hanging Out Entertainment Enjoying Life People Watching Live Concert Mobilephotography Samsungphotography Taking Photos OpenEdit Togetherness Crowd Enjoyment Grass Entertainment Event Music Concert Live Event Festival Goer Audience Fan - Enthusiast
◇ A Close Brush with Death ◇ Black Widow OpenEdit Insect Dangerous Arachnid Photography Deadly Spider Brown Widow Spiders Taking Photos Samsungphotography Hourglass Blue Poisonous Invasive Species EyeEm Best Shots Spider Spiderworld Blue Background Macro Photography Bug Nature Photography Bugslife No People Nature Mobilephotography Animal Themes Arachnid Visual Creativity
◇ Painting with Poison ◇ OpenEdit Insect Photography Brown Widow EyeEm Nature Lover Silhouette Black Nature EyeEm Best Shots Backgrounds World's 9th Deadliest Black & White Deadly Spider Hourglass Arachnid Poisonous Arachnid Photography Insect Bug Poisonous Spider Macro Insects  Entomology Insects Collection Nature Photography No People Blackandwhite Paint Brush Mobilephotography Samsungphotography Spider Visual Creativity
◇ Soft White Lambs ◇ Lamb Baby Animals Farm Animals Livestock Farm Life Animal Themes Two Animals Young Newborn Twins Sheep Rural Scene Naturelovers No People Nature_collection Alabama Alabama Outdoors The South Agriculture Farming Animals Animal Baby Baby Animal Nature Photography Nature Corn Husk Taking Photos Tranquil Scene Outdoors Leaves Ground Woods Samsungphotography Mobilephotography OpenEdit
◇ Grazing Ducks ◇ Ducks In Water Rural Scene Animals In The Wild Water Reflections Nature Photography Forest Photography Birds Of EyeEm  Ducks Tranquil Scene Trail Sunlight Woods No People Nature Green Leaves Green Color Animal Bird Animal Themes Farm Rural America Alabama Alabama Outdoors Pond Pond Life Outdoors Taking Photos Mobilephotography Samsungphotography OpenEdit Lake Perching High Angle View
◇ Choices! ◇ Fake Flowers Decoration Shop Colors Bright Colors Variation No People Taking Photos Mobilephotography Samsungphotography OpenEdit Water Close-up Assortment Display Florist Flower Market For Sale Flower Arrangement Various Collection Blooming Market Raw Retail Display Shelves Flea Market Arrangement Variety Sale
◇ Colors of the Sea ◇ EyeEm Premium Collection OpenEdit Ocean View Travel Destinations Sea Vacations Tranquility Naturelovers Ocean Sea And Sky Travel Vacation Oceanside Beach Seaside Nature Photography Sand Scenics Sea Tranquil Scene Outdoors Family Nature Enjoying Life Mobilephotography Samsungphotography Seascape Coast Horizon Over Water Tide Coastline
◇ Spiderwebs shimmer as far as your flash light shines in the dark. Keep going or turn back? ◇ Empty Places Nightphotography No People Alabama The South Alabama Outdoors OpenEdit Abandoned Places Spider Web Urbex Urbexphotography Shadow Nature Insect Bug Farm Life Nature Photography Taking Photos Outdoors Web Scary Spiderweb Light And Shadow Mobilephotography Samsungphotography Black Spider Web Full Frame Abstract Backgrounds Arachnid
◇ First Lamb of Spring ◇ Farm Lamb Tranquil Scene Taking Photos Outdoors Forest Photography Tranquility Forest Woods No People Nature Enjoying Life Nature Photography OpenEdit Mobilephotography Samsungphotography Pine Tree Up Close Sheep🐑 Sheep Farm Baby Animals Tree Pets Standing Grass Livestock Lamb Sheep Grazing Pasture
◇ Those beautiful butterflies that hover around when you're having a bad day. ◇ OpenEdit Butterfly Butterfly - Insect Bug Wings Sand Butterflies Black Blue Insect Enjoying Life Entomology Bugslife Alabama The South Nature Nature Photography Naturelovers Tranquil Scene Resting Outdoors Tranquility Taking Photos No People Farm Life Mobilephotography Samsungphotography
◇ Shiny & Green ◇ OpenEdit Green Color Forest Forest Photography Outdoors Sunlight Leaves Green Greenery Ground Forest Floor No People Nature Nature Photography Woods Farm Life Mobilephotography Samsungphotography Vegetation Foliage Lush Flora Plant Life Botanical Botany Countryside Scenery Dense Non-urban Scene
◇ Resting Dog ◇ Black Labrador Black Dog Resting Dog Dogs Of EyeEm Outdoors Forest Photography Tired Dog Tranquility Taking Photos Tranquil Scene Trail Path Shadow Sunlight Mobilephotography Samsungphotography Pets Dog Shadow Relaxation High Angle View Full Length Canine Ground Woods Calm Idyllic Countryside Scenics
"At least there's still rainbows." Alabama The South Farm Mobilephotography Samsungphotography Tree Spectrum Multi Colored Rainbow Sky Treetop Idyllic Cloud - Sky Tree Canopy  Non-urban Scene Scenic View Remote Scenics Calm Natural Phenomenon Tranquil Scene Tranquility Beauty In Nature Countryside Weather
◇ Up in the Hills ◇ OpenEdit Sunset Blue Sky Clear Sky Hillside Sunset_collection Sunlight Sunset Sunset Silhouettes Alabama Outdoors Tree Branches Sihouette  Tree Silhouette Trees The South Woods Naturelovers Forest Photography Nature Photography Deep South Growth Nature_collection Scenics Tree Portrait Art In Nature Forestwalk Forest Alabama Mobilephotography Samsung S5 Silhouette Tree Sunset Nature Sky No People Outdoors Beauty In Nature
◇ Evening Dip ◇ OpenEdit Water Ducks Pond Trees Cypress Trees  3 Ducks Farm Life Farm Animals Trees Woods Swamp Forest Photography Sunlight Green Leaves Cypress Swamp Alabama Outdoors Swimming Animals In The Wild Animals Swimming Water Fowl Real Life Deep South Backyard Art In Nature Forestwalk Scenics The South Naturelovers Green Color Nature Photography Growth Nature_collection Forest Alabama Mobilephotography Samsung S5 EyeEm Selects Water Day Outdoors No People Nature Tree Close-up
◇ Behind the store, taking a smoke break. ◇ No Filter Needed All Natural Sunset Sky Dark Clouds Scenics Sunlight Sun Rays Peach Yellow Gray Sky Roof No Edit/no Filter No Edits No Filters The South Alabama Outdoors Naturelovers Nature Photography Deep South Growth Nature Nature_collection Art In Nature Alabama Mobilephotography Samsung S5 Sunset Silhouette Cloud - Sky Dramatic Sky Sky Antenna - Aerial No People
◇ Dark Skies ◇ OpenEdit Sunset Storm Sunset_collection Sunset Silhouettes Sunlight Alabama Outdoors Forest Photography Naturelovers Nature Photography Art In Nature Alabama Sky And Clouds Cloud - Sky The South Yellow Nature Scenics Nature_collection Mobilephotography Samsung S5 Sunset Cloud - Sky Dramatic Sky Silhouette Connection Communication Cable Low Angle View Telephone Line Day No People Electricity  Sky Storm Cloud
◇ Fun to bump into! ◇ OpenEdit Spider Spider Web Tree Cypress Trees  Sunlight Web The South Woods Forest Photography Alabama Outdoors Banana Spider Big Spider Green Leaves Trees Pond Trees Deep South Nature Photography Green Color Backyard Naturelovers Growth Nature_collection Art In Nature Forest Alabama Forestwalk Scenics Spiders Mobilephotography Bugslife Insects  Entomology Insect Photography Bug Samsung S5 Spider Spider Web Insect Animal Themes Close-up Fragility Full Length Day Outdoors No People Focus On Foreground Nature