Welcome! Don't mind me, just another loser with no life. Tumblr: thatawkwardsiren0140 Instagram: Em_in_Neverland Kik: Em_in_Neverland
I dyed my hair... Shh! Hello World Dyed Hair
Meh Dork Hi! Thats Me
Selfie Meh Hey✌
Taking Photos Bored Beanie
Gonna be spamming cuz I Feel Pretty Beanie That's Me
Meh That's Me
Taking Photos . Alone and Bored
Peace ✌ Cheese! Enjoying Life
Going Out and feeling Pretty . Why am I making this Face ?
Party hard c; Beanie Hello World
Actually did Makeup today. Hi! That's Me
Bored trying to look attractive
whereas my other Cat is content Sleeping
My Cat longs to go Outside and adventure Cute
My cat, looking majestic Cat Cute Cactus
My little buddy Cactus Plant Cute
Also something I did..not finished yet..or maybe I am. Drawing Art Mine
Just something I did so I had something to do (if that makes sense) Drawing Sketch Mine Amature
Morning c: Coffee Morning Selfie
First pic and it's a Selfie