Elpida Devezoglou


The world is a book. Those who do not travel read only one page!📖📷💙
Black will stop being my favorite color when people find a darker one💋💋
Sometimes the sky is a piece of art🌫💙
LoveAutumnColors Powerofnature 🍂🍃
Christmasmood Drawing Elfscup Lovegreen Merry_Christmas_from_me 🎅🏻🎄💪
When a German asked me "what do the Greeks have that we don't?" I replied "the Acropolis..!" ProudToBeGreek Thebestview Acropolis Bestphoto 👏👏👏
Christmas is coming! Tell your family how much you love them and enjoy yourself! 🎄🎅🏻❤️
Greece Livethemoment Photoshoot LoveSea Adorethesecolors Traveling 📷💙💜
Mymodel Mylove Myinspiration ❤️❤️
The bluest sea I've ever seen! Lovephotography  TravelingAroundGreece 💙💙
Summertime Greece Travel Photography Evening Beautifulsky 📷❤️💙
Summer Sunset Fisherman Sea And Sky Greece 📷🚣
Photoshoot Beach Greece Burntship Sunny Day Summer 📷🌞
Photoshooting Sunrise Lovethesecolors TravelingAroundGreece Euvoia 📷🌅💜❤️
Green Cloudyday OneLove Photoshoot 📷📷📷
Hello World Greece Myview Livephotography 💜💜
First Eyeem Photo