Alex C. Dembicki


Curiosity opens my eyes, and imagination frames everything I see.
"Larval" (2018) Oddities Weird Stuff Weirdography Abstract Abstract Photography Abstract Nature Abstract Art No People Black Background Mysterious Animal Bones Abstract Backgrounds
"Pipe dreaming" (2018) Daylight Outdoor Photography Abstract Photography Abstract Art Clouds And Sky Clouds Colorful Background No People Outdoors Nob0 O.o Multi Colored Backgrounds Blue Full Frame Abstract Sky Close-up Cloud - Sky Abstract Backgrounds
"Metaphor for a failed attempt to recapture our fading youth" (2018) Grass Area Denver Colorado  Outdoor Photography Daylight Photography Summertime Summer Views Park - Man Made Space Kite Flying Kites Downed Kite Shadows And Sunlight Shadows Sunlight Sunny Day
"A brief encounter" (2014) Legs Briefs White Underwear Underwear. Wife Beater Arms Crossed Leg Tattoo High Angle View Man Male Physique  Sexualman Suggestive Photography Athlete Muscular Build Low Section Men Abdomen Human Knee Flexing Muscles
"Deluge" (2018) No People Dark Skies Water Illuminated Backgrounds RainDrop Wet Window Full Frame Drop Rain Rainfall Rainy Season Weather Torrential Rain Windshield Water Drop Glass
"Radioactive bone doggy" (2018) Dog Skeleton Animal Skeleton Radioactive For Fun No People Close-up Green Color
"The sleeping beast awakens" (2017) Imaginary Arts Imagination Creatures OF Dream  Creature Of The Night CreatureCreation Moon And Clouds Moon Variation No People Night Sky Water Illuminated
"Another twilight in the ruins of a melancholic heart" (2018) Lovelorn Broken Hearted Moonlit Clouds Moon And Clouds Graphic Art Graphic Photography Heart Shaped  Heart Heart Broken Heartache Melancholic Photos Cloudy Red Color Dark Art Moodyphotography Loveless
"Monthly mushroom mental meltdowns work miracles on the mind" (2017) Close-up Nature Photography Outdoor Photography Fungus Amungus Fungi Mushroom Caps Mushroom Mushrooms Mushroomphotography Mushrooms Gallery Day
"The silent autumnal migration of the fabled moon jelly across the pre-dawn sky" (2017) Moonlight Through The Trees Jellyfish NightNo People Outdoors Sky Luminosity Nature Imaginary Landscapes Creature From The Deep Outdoor Photography Nature Unknown Species Imaginary Imaginary World Trees Ethereal Multi Colored In Motion
"Unaware, an immense hallucinatory cephalopod slips through the city stalked by practical thought" (2017) Imaginary World Creatures OF Dream  Day Outdoors No People Architecture City Octopus Imaginary Unknown Species Nature Outdoor Photography Creature From The Deep Urban Photography Imaginary Landscapes Denver,CO
"The nightmare at the edge of the forest" (2017) Red Night No People Trees Outdoors Imagined Horrors Imaginary World Imaginary Abstract Nightmarish Abstraction Abstract Art Inhuman Childhood Fears Red Color Creatures OF Dream  Things That Go Bump In The Night Trees And Bushes Red Sinew Abstractions In Form & Colour Forest Trees Childhood Dream In Motion
"Shoreline and sky" (2017) Water Close-up Rippled Nature Outdoors No People Outdoor Photography Algae Water Reflected Sky
"Alien embryo" (2017) Green Color Abstract Abstract Art No People Black Background Close-up Alien?! Embryo Unknown Species Imaginary Creature From The Deep Creatures OF Dream  Things That Go Bump In The Night Imaginary World
"Crawdad, beached" (2017) Outdoors Animals In The Wild Crawdad Animal Wildlife No People Nature Close-up One Animal Shoreline
"Another toxic sunset over Denver" (2017) Sunset Cloud - Sky Nature Tree Outdoors Silhouette Sky No People Beauty In Nature Denver,CO Dusk Colorful Sky
"Another mythical sun sets over the landscape of my imagination" (2017) Abstract Nature Sky Galaxy Tree Multi Colored Outdoors No People Dusk Dawn Imaginary Landscapes
"Frozen sky, thawed" (2015) Thawing Ice Water Close-up Outdoors Day No People Dead Leaves Reflection In The Water Reflection Of Sky
"Precipitation" (2017) Raindrops Close-up Raindrops On My Windshield Water Wet No People Outdoors Beauty In Nature Droplets Of Water
"The skeletal remains of a long-forgotten melody" (2017) Piano Musical Instrument Piano Key No People Close-up Music Arts Culture And Entertainment Old Piano Keys Moody Atmosphere
"Fairy chimes at sunset" (2017) Silhouette Outdoors Sky Cloud - Sky Sunset Dusky Sky Outdoor Photography Tranquility Windchime Sunburst Parker Colorado
"Sullivan Gateway, as the sun sets beyond the western horizon" (2017) Silhouette Outdoors Sculpture Architecture Sky Sunset Tree Statue Denver,CO Dusk In The City Dusky Sky
"Twelve steps to nowhere" (2015) Outdoors Close-up Outdoor Photography Denver,CO No People In The City Exterior Setting Stairs To Nowhere Stairs And Steps Rustporn  Rusty Metal Urban Photography Things That Go Bump In The Night
"A sleepless Queen City examines her reflection before greeting the dawn" (2016) Night Photography Denver,CO Reflection Photography Reflection In The Water Business Sign Puddle Reflections Puddle Photography Neon Lights Outdoor Photography
"Light painting in late-night traffic" (2016) No People Outdoors Orange Lights Car Light Trails Denver,CO Motion Blurred Abstractions In Colors Abstract Photography In The City Light Painting Photography
"City, at the speed of night" (2016) Night Photography Denver,CO In The City No People Outdoor Photography Street Light Streetphoto_color Motion Blurred
"Still another winter sunset" (2017) Sunset Silhouette Tree Beauty In Nature No People Sky Nature Landscape Tranquility Outdoor Photography Littleton, CO Winter Sky Beauty In Nature Sunbeams Through Tree
"Another winter sunset" (2017) Sunset Silhouette Tree Littleton, CO Winter Sky Outdoor Photography No People Nature Tranquility Landscape Beauty In Nature Sky
"Winter sunset" (2017) Sunset Sunbeam Tree Nature Sky No People Outdoors Outdoor Photography Winter Sky Littleton, CO Sunburst Soft Light
"Error loading..." (2015) Close-up Crystal Ball High Angle View Fortune Telling Malfunction Mysticism Tounge-in-cheek Just For Fun😊 Indoors  No People Fortune-telling
"Hell is a nice place to have a home" (2016) Red Low Angle View Architecture Illuminated Building Exterior No People Night Photography Nightmarish Urban Photography Urban Landscape Denver,CO Outdoor Photography In The City Highland Neighborhood Low Angle Shot Atmospheric Mood Red Color
"The Infamous Concert Hall at the Stanley Hotel" (2015) Architecture Building Exterior No People Night Photography Dark Art Nightmarish Haunting Images Outdoor Photography Springtime Estes Park, CO White Building Creepy Building Things That Go Bump In The Night Outdoors
"Capitalism's whores work it 24/7" (2016) Purple Blue Dark Portrait Shadow Night Denver,CO Night Photography In The City Mannequin In Market Shop Window Display. Urban Landscape Urban Photography No People Colorful Windows
"Suicidal ideation" (2016) Ghostly Image Self Portrait Weird Art Distorted Images Red Nightmarish Disturbing Dark Art Just In Time For The Holidays! Cloudy Dark Portrait Dark Thoughts Depression Haunting Images Atmospheric Mood Red Color One Man Distorted People Self Portrait Experiments Distorted Faces Distorted Perspective Distorted Perception
"Mandala" (2016) Abstract Abstraction Mirror Effect Abstract Art Fluid Geometry Floral Pattern Mandala Art No People Colorful Blue Color Yellow Color Glowing Soft Light Circular Pattern Repetition Pattern
"At the tide pools of creation" (2016) Water Weird Art Abstraction Distorted Images Abstract Art Abstract Weird But Beautiful Liquid Textures And Surfaces Fluidity Mirror Effect Repetition Pattern Soft Light Glowing No People Imaginary Landscapes Imaginary World Imaginaryplaces
"The moon's false twin" (2016) Full Moon Night Tree Silhouette Autumn Night Photography Denver,CO Outdoor Photography Moonlight Moon Rising In The City Nightscape
"Strange birds (azure)" (2014) Abstract Blue Motion Swirling Abstract Art Distorted Images Textures And Surfaces Weird Art Heavy Filtering Abstraction Textures Fluidity Weird But Beautiful No People Blue Color
"Osmosis" (2016) Water Close-up Liquid Abstract Digital Composite Motion Weird But Beautiful Textures And Surfaces Heavy Filtering Fluidity Green Color
"Fire swans" (2016) Abstract Motion Red Reflection Distorted Images Abstract Art Textures And Surfaces Liquid Weird Art Weird But Beautiful
"Pathology of a dark dream" (2016) nightmarish mirror effect weird art Distorted images abstract art Weird but beautiful Happy Halloween
"Ghosts of Lower Downtown" (2016) Denver,CO Nightscape Night Photography Mirrored Reflection
"Accidental disasters/unintentional beauties" (2016) Black And White Abstraction Liquid Textures And Surfaces Spilled Milk
"The Furies" (2016) Weird But Beautiful Abstraction Abstract Photography Textures Liquid Distorted Images Weird Art Abstract Art Nightmarish
"Pearlmilk" (2016) Textures Abstraction Abstract Photography Pearly Liquid Weird But Beautiful Hand Soap
"Up is just a matter of perspective" (2015) Outdoor Photography Clouds And Sky Mirror Image Abstraction Weird Art Distorted Images Denver,CO
"Moonlight thistle" (2016) Thistle Flowers Night Photography In The City Stylized Heavy Filtering Moonlight Moon Rising Denver,CO
"Evil Kitten throwing the stink eye, No. 3" (2014) Cat Photography Cat On Table My Cat Cat Eyes Not Amused Apartment Living...
"Evil Kitten throwing the stink eye, No. 2" (2014) Cat Photography Cat Eyes My Cat Cat On Table Not Amused Apartment Living...
"Evil Kitten throwing the stink eye" (2014) Cat Photography Cat Eyes My Cat Cat On Table Not Amused Apartment Living...