Weapon of choice: iPhone 6/ 5D Mark iii / Olympus E-M5 ii/ Germany
•🌼• Plant
•three• Glass
Swing EyeEm
Eat Love
•spring• Cherry
Iceland Selfoss
Sky Sunset
Sky Sunset Tree
•glass• EyeEm
•morning• EyeEm
•autumn• EyeEm
•view• Iceland
•grass• EyeEm
•candles• EyeEm
•green• Lake
•green• Water
•clouds• Water
•beach• Water
•blue• Sky
•luck• EyeEm
Marmelade to be
•marmelade• Fig
•light• EyeEm
•evening• EyeEm
•cherry sin•
•light• EyeEm
•walk• Growth
•liquid sky•
Frozen World IV
Frozen World
Frozen World II
•frozen• Cold
•early morning•
•autumn• Tree
•feeling free•
•yesterday• Sky
•memories• Sea
•home• Sky
•dreamin'• Sky
•soft• Scenics
•holiday• No
•back at last•
•drop• Flower
•cold• Winter
•frozen• Nature
•Happy new
•good morning•
•home• Mountain
•50 shades of
•misty• Motion
•floating ice•
•Arctic tern•
•calm• Water
•still in love
•good morning•
•mirrored• Calm
•home• Peaceful
•calm• Summer
•head in the
•evening light•
•alongside the
•good morning
•fern• Nature
•Vik• Iceland
•right now•
•rays• Sun