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Knowledge seeker.. A lover of family, friends and food.. A slave of Allah s.w.t.
Booklover Bookshelf Book Store Taking Photos
Some opportunity strike only once. Be not afraid to take chances. Hello World Qoutes & Sayings My Sayings And Qoutes Check This Out
Mindanao State University Check This Out Taking Photos Urban Nature
4 Layer Bars only at Pleasant Treats Food Photography Ilovebaking Taking Photos Marawicity
Yummy Pepero Taking Photos IloveIT ♡ Check This Out Food Photography
Capuccino Taking Photos Ilovecoffee Relaxing Enjoying Life
Capuccino Taking Photos Ilovecoffee Relaxing Enjoying Life
Satisfy your cravings! IloveIT ♡ Food Photography Food Porn Taking Photos
Qoutes & Sayings Islam Is Beautiful Muslimah I Love Allah
Workaholic! That's Me Taking Photos At Work Ilovephotography
Sweet and Salty ♥ Enjoying Life Hanging Out Taking Photos Ilovephotography
Pomelo ♥ Taking Photos Foodphotography Beautifulday Check This Out
Keep Calm And Read QURAAN Quran Verse Islam Is Beautiful I Love Allah
Islam Is My Deen Islam Is Beautiful Muslim Hijabista
Islam Holy Quran Muslim Islam Is Beautiful
Writing! Taking Photos My World ♥ My Life Ilovephotography
Coffee break! Relaxing Taking Photos Hanging Out Enjoying Life
Roti Mum Taking Photos Hanging Out Ilovephotography Life Is Beautiful
Roti Mum Taking Photos Hanging Out Yummy Foodphotography
That's Me Taking Photos Muslimah Hijabista
Taking Photos Islam Muslim Kids
Eid'l Fitr 2014 Taking Photos Hello World Islam Muslim
Capturing the infamous Marina Bay Sands from last week's travel at Singapore. Taking Photos Traveler Ilovephotography Hello World
Taking Photos Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Lights
I really like making Loom bands.This one is called Triple Single Bracelet Taking Photos Check This Out Hello World Relaxing
Taking Photos Wedding Love ♥ Hello World
Taking Photos Relaxing Clouds And Sky ILove This Picture
Taking Photos That's Me My Sayings And Qoutes Hello World
Taking Photos Sunset Sky And Clouds Popular Photos
Taking Photos Lights Hanging Out Shades Of Blue
Kids Taking Photos Siblings Hello World
Taking Photos Pink Lips Hello World That's Me
Taking Photos Clouds And Sky Blue Sky Behind The Clouds Popular Photos
Munching Pringles while Watching A Movie Relaxing Taking Photos Enjoying Life
Cake Spiderman Taking Photos Foodphotography
Check This Out Yummy Cupcake Taking Photos
Wedding The Bride Weddingown Taking Photos
Foot spa! That's Me Relaxing Taking Photos Enjoying Life
My beautiful cousin. The Bride Wedding Love ♥ ILove This Picture
The Bride Stilettos Wedding Taking Photos
The first bouqet I have ever made for my dearest cousin. Taking Photos Flowers Wedding Life Is Beautiful
Beautifulday Sunshine Sunset Taking Photos
Yummy Taco at Tokyo Bubble Tea Taking Photos Foodphotography Popular Photos Check This Out
Teaching touches life forever. I Love Teaching. Taking Photos Letter Happy :)
Life is worth living when you acknowledge that everything that you go through is from your Maker. Life is worth living when you manage to put a smile in your face even in your darkest hours. Subhanallah! That's Me Taking Photos Check This Out
Flappy Bird Taking Photos Mobile Game Check This Out
Ilove Islam Popular Photos Black & White Hello World
Pizza Foodphotography Taking Photos at Moon Cafe Cagayan De Oro City
Ilovephotography Candies Taking Photos Beautifulday
Stress Buster Smoothie.. The name says it all.. at Moon Cafe Cagayan De Oro City Taking Photos Check This Out Foodphotography