Hi! 👋 I'm Egor, I'm 15 y.o., I'm from St. Petersburg. I enjoy taking pictures and sharing stories about what I see and think ✌️
So lonely
View from an
Blue, green,
Curious Women
Maountain Tops
City Cityscape
Sorry. I've
Bird Pixelated
Tree Plant Sky
Snow Winter
Snow Tree Cold
Tree Plant Low
Rock Rock -
Winter Cold
Good morning
urban Clear Sky
Autumn Autumn
Tree Sky
Tree City
Sun Clouds
Clouds Cloud -
Football People
Tree Forest
Forest Forest
And.... stop!
Sunpath Tree
Yin & Yang
Beauty In
Beauty In
Beauty In
Fast. Beauty In
Watching the
The Raindrop
Bridge between.
Beautiful Lahta
Beauty In
Close-up Copy
Queuing. Queue
Adult Clothing
Beauty In
The Dream that
For me, freedom
We must
See ya! Beige
Past vs Future:
The plane with
Luxury is made
My beloved
More yellow!
It is more and
Shining Shine
Sunny! Grass
My first photo
Fantastic bird
The centre of
Quiet place I
The strongest
Yellow Full
Another path...
Dog- model.
This summer
We all have an
How they live
It looks like a
I couldn't do a
This is the
The best place
Wanna see one
I was just
It has a
It was very
White coast got
I love flowers
It's hard to
This squirrel
You see the
Beach Sea Sand
I'd like to
Sea Water
Starting from
Look around and
I love flowers
Walking near
I think its one
Saint Isaac's
City Street
Hundreds of
My first
Tree Low Angle
Winter Cold