Ben Garcia


Another draw of death Efficacious Papa ❤ Tattoos Stretched Lobes
My darling Cordelia. Baby Papa ❤
New plugs @omerica_organic amazing as always. Thanks to my lovely wife @aprilnicole for guessing how many plugs were in a jar!! Allseeingeye ThirdEye Omericaorganic Wood inlay
Cordeliajane she is just too precious.
Just so hooked Cordeliajane
Just smitten. Cordeliajane
My sweet Cordeliajane @aprilnicole
Im obsessed!! Cordelia
Papa in the death grip.
Cordelia Jane Noelle Garcia 8/20/14 5lbs 9oz 18 3/4 inches
Another shit show on the horizon.
Another day another Pomp Groomingspray Stayritewithlayrite Layritedeluxepomade layritegroomingspray @officiallayrite winteronthechest summeronthearms
Woot Robot Devil! And he is the mystery one. Kidrobot Futurama Robotdevil Blindpick mystery
Coiffed up and ready to roll. Stayritewithlayrite Groomingspray Layritegroomingspray Pomp nopart layritedeluxepomade @officiallayrite @hawleywoodsbarbershop
Always so quick. Supershine Groomingspray Stayritewithlayrite Layritedeluxepomade layritegroomingspray thanks @officiallayrite
Ahh yea new whip whip. Fiat 500 Fiatpop
Refills plus a tshirt Stayritewithlayrite Groomingspray Layritegroomingspray Layritedeluxepomade supershine @officiallayrite @hawleywoodsbarbershop
Stayritewithlayrite Groomingspray Layritegroomingspray Pomp nopart @officiallayrite @hawleywoodsbarbershop
Because my darling gets what she wants. Poppa bought her a fire bat.
Sugarloafsnap warming up the new babies bed. Clawmachinehero Sugarloaf Clawmachine @sugarloaftoys
Showing the love. Thanks @barenecessities
Thats my boy. Guinness Thecanisempty BadParenting
Clawmachinehero Sugarloaf Clawmachine @sugarloaftoys everytime baby!
Bloodthreadandshearsgiveaway2 @bloodthreadandshears I must have this!!
Brought to you by Layrite Stayritewithlayrite Groomingspray Layritegroomingspray pomp nopart @officiallayrite @hawleywoodsbarbershop
Bloodthreadandshearsgiveaway2 @bloodthreadandshears I need that wallet in my life.
Bloodthreadandshearsgiveaway2 @bloodthreadandshears sickness, check um out!
Pompin ain't easy. Stayritewithlayrite Groomingspray Layrite Pomp @officiallayrite @hawleywoodsbarbershop
Kolbijeanclothing @kolbijean there is always a chance :)
Time to get it styled rite! @officiallayrite @hawleywoodsbarbershop Styledritewithlayrite Layrite Groomingspray
A sample of what he knows by name. Carguy HotWheels Memory Hecannamethemall
The collection grows. Straightrazor Sweeny Soonyoulldriprubies
New pocket knife. Ya know something small and useful. Knife Knives Gunsforshowknivesforapro Bigfuckoffshinyones silentbutdeadly
First time pumpin gas. Soon I will just have him do it for me.
No better seat in the house. Themountaingoats Crecentballroom
Thank you again The Mountain Goats. It was surreal. Themountaingoats
Front of the stage. Themountaingoats
Ahhhhh yaaaaa. Themountaingoats
I'll try a thousand times if I must! Follow @odditiesbyoliver Odditiesbyoliver
I may have a bit of a problem. Knives Gunsforshowknivesforapro Bigfuckoffshinyones Silentbutdeadly
French Toast Cinnamon Rolls. Bake Mancakes Fattenup Noregrets
I forget I'm no good at this...
Nerd level Omega. Cube Rubikscube Rubiks Talknerdytome
Go follow for absolutely amazing artwork! @odditiesbyoliver Odditiesbyoliver love his stuff.
My boy kills the mac and cheese and demands hummus in it lol
I am the claw master. Clawmachine Theclaw Clawmachinehero Sugarloaf
I'm not sure what's better. The fact that he just plain didn't read the sign. Or the fact that he put his chair directly under it.
People with money sicken me. Oh because you drive a McClaren you think you can take a handicapped spot. I would carve my name in the side if there weren't so many people around.
Its man day. We go out in style.
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