If you ever go to Salt Lake don't miss the Natural History Museum of Utah
Don't go left... RC READY! Nikeplus
Hmm... @jennvorster @beingjulz
Don't succumb. Humanfallacy
What if you were 60 and committed to running 13.1 next year... you might be my dad. Dadhero
Apparently while I'm hanging with this girl Bend is on fire... Niece  @perryfinalia
My niece Joce... pretty cute. @perryfinalia nice work.
Quick stop at "joe's" and she's operational. Bago
Gunna be a good trip in the Bago Uncleeddie Dontfailmenow
Exit portal. Leave
The beach...92,960,000 miles. Energy. Orgun
@chriscotree @sishells Orygun
Slc T-Minus 12 hours.
Merica Raked Orgun
My running buddy and I having beers
@theweazel you just missed the bacon @fortgeorgebeer
"From that day on, if I was ever going somewhere, I was running!" Nikerunning
It's been too long... Nikerunning Bridgaz
An evening run in Gotham. Roses Ripcity
Autzen with friends
Thanks for the wheels @skiman360 . Even Maxxis was calling for COTA today.
@thewayiseeit73 your Bridgaz
@thewayiseeit73 I'm reaching to keep up. c. 2012
@thewayiseeit73 had to go into the archives.
Weekend summary Zephyr
@thewayiseeit73 Bridge Yestergram Manyyearsago Astoria
Steel Pulls you back.
My favorite 2013 warrior dash obstacle... @woosfam4
@uwillb73 I like structures. Albany Bridge Calapooia
Thank you for a great weekend! @woosfam4 @uwillb73 Love you both! Whitneyswarriors
20 years... Good friends stay around.
@sydblu I challenge you... Found this in Albany.
@lineay now I can pull him into town. 15 bucks Almost Fixy coming Schwinn worldsport