Edmaris Collazo


Take me baaaaaack! :( Tomorrowworld2014
Awwwww... theyre sooo cute!!! Lol @chandlerdover @rabidmonkeydeathstress Tomorrowworld2014
These boyssssss.... @rabidmonkeydeathstress @chandlerdover Counterpoint2014 Goodvibes Tomorrowworld2014 TheGathering
With the girlies!!! I am soooo happy I got to meet u all! Tomorrowworld2014 Amazingpeople
Having a blast at 3lau :) Tomorrowworld2014 Amazingpeople
Tomorrowworld2014 Thanks Manny for introducing to amazing people and the great time this past weekend!!! :) Amazingpeople
Ohhhh TrapStage I'm already missing you!!! Tomorrowworld2014 Itsatrap
Tomorrowworld2014 Davideeeeeee ANDIAMOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! :)
Tomorrowworld2014 Dreamville TheGathering
Tomorrowworld2014 Dreamville
Going crazy ... cant wait to get to Dreamville :)
All mineeeeee :) Tomorrowworld2014
One of those nights :) @kmorales87 @pieroroggiero
@marielyscollazo Challenge.....
Love these boyzzzzz :) @alex_devoto @zach_meister280
Ready for departure?.... Anytime now Captain! ;)
Missing this lil nigglet already!!!! Loved the Nerf gun fights and taking him to school on the mornings... my lil PLUR babyyyyy :)
@melamariiee con la Memaaaaaaa!
These hoes aint loyal! Lol @sasha023 @marielyscollazo Love yaaaaaaa
@grecia7612 Te amo goldaaaaa! :)
Mia This woman!!!!
Sharing a Coke with @jhemp7 :) lol Coca -Cola
@a17ghafli Good times with the gordotito! :) Goodfriends Goodvibes
Good vibes! :) @gazellman
I love this guy!!! @gazellman Bestie
@jhemp7 Jamieeeeeee ... Ready for adventure 2 ???? Goodvibes Adventuretime Counterpoint2014
Counterpoint2014 I wanna go baaaack!!! Goodvibes @coleworldno_snuggie @jhemp7 @trappedgypsy
Let the adventures begin!!! Counterpoint here we come :) @jhemp7 Counterpoint
@gazellman. @tazbi_420 GoodTimes Goodfriends Memorieslastalifetime Smiles corona
@tazbi_420 ;)
:) Sunandfun Erau
Let me take a selfie :) Miss her already!
Juaaaan !!!
With my boo boo @gazellman ;) Idk what id do without our adventures! Lol Adventuretime
Zedd ElectricHoliday Epic MedallaLight
Here's my ride! Nice set of wings roiiiiight!!! Hahaha @dorkphish5283 im seeing u soon!!!!! A320 Jetblue Goinghome
With one of my little ones!!! Love him way too much!!! Gonna miss him and his PLUR obsession haha PLUR Lilbro PR
last night! Zedd ElectricHoliday Epic PLUR
Eat.Sleep.Rave.Repeat Zedd ElectricHoliday PLUR @grecia7612
Licmiami PLUR Miami
Miami Airport Notreadyyyyy
Licmiami Epicness
Miami Imnotready Lic2013
Ready for takeoff... Hahah G3 Gulfstream Erau Ams
I love what I do! :) G3 Gulfstream Erau Ams