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We$tside. Four fingaz. Yep, I'm bored. Cutest fucking thug! #ChocolateThugs
My lil monkey with the shits. :)
Up close & personal. Accept your flaws & you'll forever be beautiful.
Early mawning ratchetness!
Everyone say hi to my baby cousin Elijah.
Cutest little chocolate bunny ☺
Eyeem I've forgotten all about you. Sorry.
I just want to wish my bro a happy birthday. I&B that's the team. He going to face plenty today. Anyways happy birthday again, love you bro. :)
Late upload from winter formal. She cute, she did that, she won!
Pebbles said hi eyeem!
I be representing! Me & my bro drew! I&B
For the squad I trust!
Me and bro ass yesterday and shit.
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
Cool kids
Hello Mr.President!
The Second Inauguration Of Barack Obama.
My baby, my main, my bitch pebbles!
Happy Birthday To My TeTe Shirley. We Popping Bottles Tonight, AGAIN. Love You Huns!
All I do is smile
Vero so proud of me doing my work! :D
Me and Cory!
Looking a mess, over bored and hungry! I need a snickers in my life, like NOW!
I'm cute!
Hanging Out