All pictures were taken with the Nikon D5200. Take a look at my website at: www.DustinWilliamsPhotography.com. Thank you so much! (:
Does anyone still use this app? Comment if you do!!
Beach Sunset 🌅
Hey guys! It's been awhile! I've got some new pictures for you! If you're still active, and you see this picture, leave a comment below!
My little buddy 🍃
Downtown Atlanta, GA
Florida in January ??
Comment your favorite color!
I'm back everyone! I've got some new shots to post! Hope you like them!
"Let your troubles just drift away.." ?
Hey Guys! Sorry I haven't been on in awhile! Been really busy! Went to a Neal McCoy concert over the weekend. Don't know how many of you will know who it is but I got this shot! What do you think? Country Country Music Music
If anyone has ever wondered what my desk area looks like, where I edit all my photography and do graphic design, this is it! ?
Misty Sunset Water What Does Peace Look Like To You?
Bridge at night with trail lights ?
Sunset Silhouettes
Hey guys! So as you probably know if you've been following me for awhile, is the fact that I love color. Almost all of pictures are full of color, it's just my style and it's what I enjoy doing. One of the many things I love about photography is that each photographer has their own style and flare that they enjoy capturing in their photos and no one way is ever right nor wrong to edit a photo. I just came across this photo that I took a few month back that I didn't realize I had until tonight. I wanted to try something different with it so I decided to go with a black and white version of it. As it turns out I really do like it, and I wanted to get all of your opinions. Are you a color or a black and white type of person? Do you like this picture and do you think I should try to incorporate some black and white shots more often? Leave me your comments below and let me know what you think on the subject. I really appreciate all of the support that everyone has given me here. I have made some great friends through photography that I know I will have for the rest of my life. If you have a dream, keep working at it. You will get there, and you will succeed. It takes hard work and patience, but together we can all make it to our lifelong goals! If there's ever anything I can do for any of you, please let me know, I would love to help! Take care everyone! ?
I'm a real photographer now, finally have my own business cards! What do you think? ?
Macaw Headshot! If any of you would like to do a collaboration with me of some sort, let me know in a comment! I'd love to get with you guys and work together on a project! (;
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Art Museum! Art Museum Colorful
Hey guys! Here's a Tampa, FL panorama I forgot to post! Enjoy! Tampa Florida Panorama
Another hotel shot! Thoughts? Florida Old Hotel
Old hotel I found tonight! What do you think? Florida Old Hotel
Underneath the Pier at Okaloosa Island, FL. Pier Florida Sunset
The Pier down in Okaloosa Island, FL. What do you think? Pier Florida Sunset
Tampa, FL Downtown Tampa Florida
Downtown Tampa, FL. Downtown Florida Tampa
Church in Jacksonville, FL Downtown Jacksonville Florida Church
Downtown Jacksonville, FL. Downtown Jacksonville Florida
Downtown Jacksonville, FL. Taken with 10-24mm Wide Angle Lens. Downtown Jacksonville Florida
Ice! Ice Sleet Snow
Good Morning everyone! Morning Frost Fog
Florida Sunset. Comment your favorite color! Sunset Florida Color Comment
Looking for someone who has used the 105mm Micro Nikkor Lens. Wanting to get some feedback before I purchase it on Friday! Thanks!! Macro Flower Lens
Old Time Clock Downtown
Taken in De Funiak Springs, FL. Please comment your thoughts! Thanks! Icicle
Downtown Downtown
Abandoned Abandoned
Tampa At Night
Water Buffalo
Crossing Heads
Disco Ball
Water Drop
Leaf Plant
Blue-Gold Macaw