Drisan Kathleen Sellers


i can hardly wait for Halloween! i want all the candy!! Flower Table Vase Close-up
because i love both Amazons Water Grass
Because Bullies are secretly small Human Hand Bedroom Young Women Portrait Tea - Hot Drink Beautiful Woman Sitting Drink Home Interior Women
EyeEmNewHere Telling Stories Differently EyeEm Nature Lover Togetherness Childhood Tree Full Length Love Smiling Women Bonding Baby
EyeEmNewHere Telling Stories Differently Free Imagination Freshness Resilience  Fragility EyeEm Nature Lover Close-up Grass Blooming
Eyeglasses  Portrait Eyesight Looking At Camera Car Interior Human Eye Mid Adult Eyewear Front View
Because I don't participate in gossip. Because I shop AT NORDSTROMS rack. ( i agree the name is in poor taste , but, so is calling out poor people for shopping there, for essentially saying that I'm A para no I'd jerk. yes i know my TV doesn't talk to me, but that still hurt. I'm sorry not all of us cant fly first class "I wouldn't bear" i can't fly at all. Multi Colored Painted Image Close-up
City Water Close-up Green Color
Because I love Theatre and Art Pixelated Communication Backgrounds Technology Text Western Script Close-up
it's just A screensaver and A glare Monitor Laptop Computer Resilience  Free Imagination Fragility EyeEmNewHere Me At Home Abstract Photography Telling Stories Differently Because Icantaffordtotravel Full Frame Close-up Growing
because who doesn't love A spectical Non-urban Scene EyeEmNewHere Telling Stories Differently Free Imagination Fragility NoEditNoFilter Abstract Photography Meditation Place EyeEm Nature Lover Me At Home Bored Giving Kisses :)  Textured  Close-up
the unfiltered version Nofilter#noedit EyeEmNewHere Abstract Photography Telling Stories Differently Multi Colored Illuminated Silhouette Rainbow Crowd Fun
no filter why? because it literally says it all Young Women Beautiful Woman Beauty Headshot Portrait Long Hair Redhead Sky Close-up
I threw all my art away after having had A break down A few months ago. I'm glad I still have A photo of it. Acrylic Painting Painting Artclass EyeEmNewHere EyeEm Nature Lover Water Pattern Pixelated Abstract Close-up Dissolving Textured  Distorted Backgrounds Distorted Image
no filter to I really have to keep typing moon 13 the moon?!..... EyeEmNewHere Telling Stories Differently Abstract Photography Free Imagination Freshness Nofilter Monitor TV Tower Nofilter#noedit Men
I'm not at A place in my life right now to focus on negativity more than i have to. Real life is difficult enough. I'm not an entitled brat. I am not trying to milk a system. I am not Rich and I'm not A celebrity. i don't consider myself A public figure, or quotable. I simply just am who I am. whatever that is. Childhood Playing Portrait Cute Standing Baby Babyhood Toddler  Front View Close-up
no filter needed with this one Ilovemydaughter Me At Home EyeEmNewHere Child Portrait Childhood Smiling Headshot Happiness Looking At Camera Close-up
Parenting EyeEmNewHere Portrait Looking At Camera Smiling Happiness Bed Headshot Home Sweet Home
Human Hand Portrait Human Eye Human Face Headshot Women
Perspective EyeEmNewHere Abstract Photography Telling Stories Differently Me At Home Me At Home Bored Giving Kisses :)  Free Imagination Fragility Freshness Resilience  A Birds Eye View Monitor Black Background Studio Shot Illuminated Blue Wealth Close-up
Balance Affirmations Abstract Photography Telling Stories Differently Me At Home Bored Giving Kisses :)  Learning Styles Selfloveheals Netflix❤✌ Free Imagination Fragility Freshness Weirdography Monitor Homework Bound Resilience  Water Close-up Turquoise Colored Blue Background For Sale Floating In Water
Atticus' Arts Old-fashioned Technology Arts Culture And Entertainment Cyberspace Retro Styled Close-up Picture Frame Drawing - Art Product Drawing - Activity Chalk Drawing Art Class
EyeEmNewHere EyeEm Nature Lover Flower Head Self Portrait Abstract Photography Telling Stories Differently Portrait Looking At Camera Headshot Close-up
vortex EyeEmNewHere Affirmations Abstract Photography Me At Home Me At Home Bored Giving Kisses :)  Portrait Human Eye Beautiful Woman Looking At Camera Human Face Headshot Eyelash Close-up Hazel Eyes
last night was weird clearly I woke up like this.. EyeEm Nature Lover Me At Home Abstract Photography Nomakeup Freshness Resilience  Meditation Place Weirdography Portrait Looking At Camera Headshot Close-up
no contacts just played with the lighting a bit Flower Head EyeEmNewHere EyeEm Nature Lover Me At Home Abstract Photography Pixelated Young Women Portrait Looking At Camera Headshot Blue Close-up Double Exposure Multiple Exposure Multi-layered Effect The Bigger Picture
weird eyes 4 sure they are sharp tho EyeEmNewHere EyeEm Nature Lover Flower Head Affirmations Freshness Telling Stories Differently Fragility Abstract Photography Weirdography MeAtHome Me At Home Clicker⭕️📢 Portrait Looking At Camera Swimming Pool Happiness Close-up Red Lipstick
Selfie love time😘 Flower Head Abstract Photography EyeEm Nature Lover Affirmations Free Imagination Freshness Meditation Place Selfloveheals Me At Home EyeEmNewHere Boy Weirdography Actually Im A Woman 👩 Portrait Looking At Camera Beautiful Woman Red Lipstick Headshot Front View Close-up Head And Shoulders Pensive
Because I come in pieces😜✌☮ Telling Stories Differently Free Imagination Fragility Resilience  Weirdography EyeEm Nature Lover Meditation Place Me At Home Pixelated Cyberspace Beautiful Woman Young Women Beauty Close-up Multiple Exposure Textured Effect The Bigger Picture Multi-layered Effect Uneven Multiple Image Double Exposure
AMAZON EyeEmNewHere Me At Home Abstract Photography Telling Stories Differently Free Imagination Freshness Resilience  EyeEm Nature Lover Flower Head Moon_collection NoEditNoFilter Water Bird Backgrounds Multi Colored Close-up Green Color
Its A Picture of A Picture. My husbands mother bought it for him before I had met him. I obviously altered it. It is A Three part canvas series. Ill let u do the math😬💯☮ Astronomy Painted Image Concentric Space Abstract Water Close-up Spiral Galaxy Star Trail Nebula Space And Astronomy Light Painting Star - Space Constellation Galaxy Infinity Astrology Space Exploration Solar System Milky Way Globular Star Cluster Satellite View Star Field Wire Wool
Ive never seen this series of UN fortunate events. I recognized that it was Neil Patrick Harris. who I consider A true genius!! only he with all his talent could make A villain likeable. yet, I didn't want to see him as Villain. Affirmations EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEmNewHere Abstract Photography Flower Head Me At Home Bored Giving Kisses :)  Telling Stories Differently Free Imagination Fragility Selfloveheals Resilience  Weirdography Tactile Learning Style Monitor Meathomechillin Freshness Computer 💻 Close-up Eyeball Vision Gas Mask Protective Mask - Workwear Hazel Eyes  Surgical Mask Human Eye Iris - Eye Protective Suit Side-view Mirror Full Frame Street Art
Because like recycling regifting can be A beautiful that's all Atticus will let me say. LOL EyeEmNewHere Affirmations Me At Home Flower Head Abstract Photography Resilience  Telling Stories Differently Freshness Weirdography Selfloveheals Recycling EyeEm Nature Lover Valentine Tomymom Multi Colored Graffiti Architecture Drawing - Art Product Scribble Drawing - Activity Information Pencil Drawing Sketch
Thank you Klondike my iced cream sand which was nice Portrait Looking At Camera Headshot Front View Close-up Barbed Wire Self Portrait Photography Selfie Photography Themes
To bite off more than I Can PROBABLY not too? that's the question EyeEmNewHere Affirmation Seeking Selfie School Multi Colored Textile Arts Culture And Entertainment Close-up Sketch Pad Drawing - Activity Doodle
I know its weird, but this really just is my way of meditation. Quotes Mitch Hedberg Doodling EyeEmNewHere Affirmations Me At Home Bored Giving Kisses :)  Me At Home Telling Stories Differently Free Imagination Learning Styles Fragility Resilience  Meditation Place Homework Bound Tactile Learning Style Abstract Photography Low Section Close-up Personal Perspective Text Written
no filter needed because Mitch Hedberg, really, was himself on stage. A beautiful soul! with the absolute best one liners Humour Is Good For The Soul EyeEmNewHere Me At Home Laughing Yoga Comedy Mitchedberg Illuminated Arts Culture And Entertainment Altar Human Representation Idol
Me At Home Clicker⭕️📢 Meditation Place Fragility Working EyeEmNewHere Flower Head Abstract Photography Me At Home Bored Giving Kisses :)  EyeEm Nature Lover Telling Stories Differently TVishowitravel
Kinga 👑 as the "The Mad Scientist" is A much better VERSION ➡In this Modern 13 The MOON 🌙 🌚...... Mistakes  Oops I Did It Again  Abstract Photography Telling Stories Differently Flower Head Me At Home Bored Giving Kisses :)  Weirdography EyeEmNewHere MST3K Fame Men Portrait Performance Music Arts Culture And Entertainment The Media
Sweet Dreams 🌏🌐of ➡Eyes 👀 Me At Home Abstract Photography EyeEm Nature Lover Flower Head Affirmations EyeEmNewHere Telling Stories Differently Me At Home Bored Giving Kisses :)  Portrait Looking At Camera Headshot Human Face Front View Close-up Tensed
Just Rolling the Dice.. Close-up Drawing - Art Product Sketch Pad Drawing - Activity
Feeling gooood Creativity Affirmations Flower Head Free Imagination Resilience  Freshness EyeEm Nature Lover Telling Stories Differently To Do List Toboornottobethatisthequestion Domestic Room Close-up Still Life
Love Thyself.. Post It Note Affirmations Abstract Photography High Angle View Ink Close-up Still Life
This isn't A Valentine 💝 Envelope Greeting Card  Paper Paper Clip Close-up Note - Message Adhesive Note Reminder To Do List Diary
Learning Style Homework Assignment Me At Home EyeEmNewHere Ink Sketch Doodle
I Don't have weird 🛀 bathroom habits. I have weird monitoring, ➕Bluetooth 🔵 habits Moonlight TV Tower 😚 TV 📺 Television Technology Textured  Monitor Astronomy Moon Close-up Solar System Orbiting Planet - Space Space Exploration
or is it:; MeAtHome Homework Bound Monitor Computer 💻 Pixelated Communication Text Close-up Information Textured  Information Sign Full Frame
no filter no edit. It just is exactly what it looks like. Cause sometimes A monitor 💻 really is just A monitor 💻 Nofilter#noedit Homework Time Pixelated Internet Data Futuristic Backgrounds Communication
no filter because somewhere in A bok I read Get it Written 📝 then get it right ✔️ Homework Weirdography Affirmations NoEditNoFilter Telling Stories Differently Selfloveheals Learning Styles Tactile Learning Style Communication Text Handwriting  Close-up
Bathroom Affirmations At Phil's BBQ Logo Design Weirdography Affirmations Dragonfly Flower Head EyeEmNewHere EyeEm Nature Lover Abstract Photography Internet Text Communication Signboard Information Sign Message
Thank for the speedy delivery 📮 #143 Mr Rogers ➡ππππππππππππ°π°^ Land Vehicle City Car Sky Architecture Built Structure Building Exterior
Washing yesterday's news 📴 I'd prefer ink 🔛 Ⓜ♏y hands ✋🖐👋 📄more than any filter ❤️paper 📄 is that's A very bittersweet thing Selfloveheals Flower Head Affirmations EyeEmNewHere Me At Home Telling Stories Differently Fragility Resilience  Freshness EyeEm Nature Lover Meditation Place No Filter Multiple Image Water Portrait Swimming Pool Beautiful Woman Beauty Beautiful People Human Face Skin Care Headshot Spa Treatment Pampering Thoughtful Mosaic Blooming Collage
no filter or edits of any kinda like my Ⓜ Dragonfly Nofilter#noedit What Does Peace Look Like To You? I LOVE MY DAUGHTER!! Nofilter Priceless Moment  Close-up Craftsperson
Affirmations Dragonfly EyeEm Nature Lover Abstract Photography Me At Home Bored Giving Kisses :)  Me At Home Working EyeEmNewHere 143 I Love You Freshness Free Imagination Frasier Fir Tree Telling Stories Differently Actually Im A Woman 👩 Fragility San Diego Akaawhalesvagina Sketch Pad Paper Multi Colored Choice Close-up Watercolor Painting Art And Craft Equipment Crayon Paint
last one Nofilternoedit Nofilter NoEditNoFilter Flower Head EyeEmNewHere Me At Home Bored Giving Kisses :)  Boy 143 I Love You Actually Im A Woman 👩 Portrait Looking At Camera Headshot Smiling Human Face Close-up
Goodnight to the genuinely kind ➕ creative, imaginative, brilliant world 🌏 of Eye Em as in genuine! you brighten up my life 💛 ☄ 🌔 there are far too many hidden 💎 in A world that has an ever decreasing amount 143 EyeEmNewHere Dragonfly Flower Head Affirmation Seeking Selfie EyeEm Nature Lover Affirmations 143 I Love You Resilience  Frasier Fir Tree San Diego Akaawhalesvagina Freshness Fragility Me At Home Me At Home Clicker⭕️📢 Portrait Young Women Looking At Camera Beautiful Woman Close-up Head And Shoulders Thoughtful Posing Pensive
Because "love is free love me say 💬 hell yes low brow but I rock A little know how...(.give it away) now" Anthony A Key 🔑 something. I've always loved him 🙀 from A distance, thru his words, and the music 🎤🎼🎹🎶 that shapes them so perfectly, and always will. Thenat Free Imagination Freshness Fragility Resilience  San Diego Akaawhalesvagina Information
naturally, I always had A crush on Niles! he even looks like he is delivering A baby! because it's him (...I have delicate features." The actor who played the other Dr Crane the yin to Frazier's yang 😜☄ EyeEmNewHere 143 I Love You Telling Stories Differently Frasier Fir Tree Me At Home Me At Home Bored Giving Kisses :)  Businessman Well-dressed Business Finance And Industry Business Looking Down
Hunger Hurts 💔 but starving works when it costs too much to ❤️😘 Close-up Love Letter Valentine Card Montage Scrapbook
Communication Text Single Word Close-up
are cars Price Tag Communication Text Message Capital Letter Information Western Script Close-up
(@πt) Pixelated Technology Innovation Modern Business Puzzle  Data Business Finance And Industry
in infinity ➕ Backgrounds Full Frame Pattern Close-up
on 🔛 my own Island with unpaved paths Flying Multi Colored Big Data Airshow Technology Studio Shot Bird Motion Sky
A 🐉🐲 fly Pixelated Cyberspace Futuristic Technology Artificial Intelligence Science Studio Shot Complexity Blue Big Data
I live in.. Backgrounds Full Frame Pattern Studio Shot Textured  Abstract Close-up
my heart Multi Colored Backgrounds Full Frame Abstract Pattern Pixelated Water Close-up
My Heart Multi Colored Backgrounds Full Frame Communication
I live in my head and my ☕ spilling over Ink Pixelated Multi Colored Backgrounds Full Frame Pattern Close-up
shop is closed Ink Backgrounds Abstract Drop Paint Paper Close-up
Backgrounds Full Frame Communication Pattern Multi Colored Concentric Text Symmetry Close-up
Not ❌ Boy
City Occupation Arts Culture And Entertainment Men Business Finance And Industry Fashion Midsection Archival
Daphne's, is being teased for being fat and spoiled in this episode. I don't know the name of the Actress, all I know just by looking she is clearly pregnant. This episode, which, would normally prior to having had A painful miscarriage when I was only 7 mths postpartum; after which, I suffered from a common thing A "Hysterical pregnancy." I was Anorexic before I became pregnant with Willow, and that can be explained with math. My BMI was way too low for my body type. I love irony, but, I can't laugh at this. This is why I am uncomfortable around most men. Parent
Eat cake 🎂 🍰 🔍....."....I put A spell on 🔛 u google.....I ❤️ u ➕I don't ⛔ care if you want me...I put A spell 🔛 hear me..I put A spell on ➕don't care if you don't ⛔ want you're Ⓜℹ♑" Nina Simone Me At Home Me At Home Bored Giving Kisses :)  Affirmations Affirmation Seeking Selfie Dragonfly Flower Head EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEmNewHere Abstract Photography Backgrounds Full Frame Drop Close-up
Daily Affirmations Eye Picked 👌 at random at my "SAFE SPACE 🌌 🚀 no 🚫 I am not psychic; I trust my instincts ➕intuition 😘💥☄ Affirmation Seeking Selfie Affirmations Flower Head Dragonfly EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEmNewHere Abstract Photography Paper Text
Because who has time 4🕒 coffee ☕ Sun kissed ☀️😘 skin, games 🎮👾 etc, In A 🌏 of vanishing points #punintended Coffee Caffine Thisfastpaced World We Live Anxiety Disorder Abstract Abundance Communication Human Hand Luck Text Close-up Love Lock
no edits; what you see really is what you get; and your looking at A woman (who is young at heart) putting herself on the same level as her most loyal and faith companion; who is now bugging me 4 a 👣 My bark is always worse than my bite. Id literally never hurt A fly; I might accidentally eat one while 🗣 that's A topic for Another day ☀️ 😜 Selfie ✌ Dogandhumanmom Nofilter#noedit Me Cipher EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEmNewHere Mutt ChowChow Therapdogg Goldeyes Rescuedog Protection Compassion Water Swimming Pampering Portrait Swimming Pool Dog Young Women Headshot Snout Animal Face Adult Animal Pampered Pets Mixed-breed Dog At Home Loyalty
Eva, and I have different fathers. That does not take away from the fact that she is, and always will be 100% my baby sister!😍☄🌔 I love and am so proud of her! Its Me EmNewHere Bonding My Sister ❤ Mymom moments of happiness Healing Young Women Togetherness Headshot Friendship Women Portrait Business Close-up Double Exposure
my therapy Dog that gives me ANXIETY; good thing he looks cute with no filters; sometimes. EyeEm Nature Lover Goldeyes EyeEmNewHere Rescuedog Eye4photography  No Filter No Ed It's Just Me Golden Retriever Mix ChowChow Mutt Therapdogg moments of happiness Dogmomandhumanmom Pets Dog High Angle View Grass Green Color Dog Lead
Moon 13 the Moon gets me 😂😂⭕️📢 Science And Technology Sci-Fi Feel Scifi Art EyeEmNewHere Mystery Science Theater 3000 No Filter, No Edit, Just Photography Roku Tecnology Meathomechillin Insomniac_collection Gorobot Men Togetherness Sitting
no filter got most of my "face" off unite and good night 🌏🌐🌍 EyeEmNewHere Self Portrait Nofilter#noedit Nomakeup ThereIsNoSpoon OopsIdiditagain #143 Woman Me Iamamotherand A 31 Year Old 👩 Portrait Looking At Camera Childhood Water Headshot Close-up
ok Google Digital Alchemist Psychedelicart Iflifeisagame Keyboard moments of happiness Computer Tecnology Concentric Multi Colored Full Frame Pattern Close-up Architecture Place Of Worship
My less 😈 twin 👭 😜 Me EyeEm Best Shots EyeEmNewHere Enjoying Life EyeEm Nature Lover Young Women Portrait Beautiful Woman Headshot Looking At Camera Front View Close-up
Too much Information. Thoughts while procrastinating, which is actually my way of amping myself up to start A project. My husband gave me permission to use his inventions to doodle 🔛 won't explain it, just like I won't say 💬that this Is A perfect 💯✨ metaphor.. ADHDAwareness Abstract Photography Technology I Can't Live Without Technology Text Multi Colored Close-up Written Information Sign Design Handwriting  Spiral Stairs Sketch Pad Text Information
All out of battery; Oh, the things I do For Love." That is is called An allusion to Game of Thrones, A song, dance of hot and ❄🍃 or Ice and 🔥 allusion sounds a lot like an illusion an illusion s exists in Fairytails; (spoiler) Game of Thrones is I think It's safe to say it's not A fairytale. Google War of Rose's and perhaps you will understand 🈯️ my point 💛 💥 just the point of a Fox's tail; Remember foxes are more afraid of you than you are of them. Clip Board School 🎨 Pencils Textured  Abstract Photography EyeEmNewHere Technology I Can't Live Without Me Meatthome Human Hand Technology Internet Close-up Personal Perspective
Not ready for success I guess ❓ I didn't want to disrupt the Rattle Snake 🐍 they are sensitive creature Take A Hike Exhibition Rattlesnake Diarama  Display Liveanimal Animalsincaptivity Me Diminishing Perspective San Diego The Natural History Museum San Diego Close-up Frame
California Dreams 💭 San Diego Museum The Natural History Museum Topographic Map Abstract Abstract Photography California Dreamin Mapofmyimagination Map Of California Mydaughter❤️ My Husband Togetherness Childhood Love Women Close-up Sibling Family Bonds Family With Two Children Sister
Cause I am A mermaid with legs Its Me Eya4photography EyeEmNewHere EyeEm Nature Lover Portrait Young Women Headshot Looking At Camera Redhead Halloween Head And Shoulders Self Portrait Photography Dyed Red Hair Selfie Pensive Self Portrait Thinking Multiple Exposure
okay now Im just putting 📴 school 🏫 ✏️📚 💼... Textured  Sefie♡ Me EyeEmNewHere TheNatureofBeauty Museum Natural History Museum moments of happiness EyeEm Nature Lover Evil Eye EyeEmNewHere Eye4photography  Sharp Young Women Portrait Headshot Looking At Camera Front View Mid Adult Close-up Thoughtful Pensive Thinking
I found my Mom Spirit animal (that's an SNL reference) obviously I played with the lighting with this; I don't like to take photos of unwitting bystanders lol. Cause "I might be bad but I'm.. (Purrrrfictly) at it." OBVIOUSLY that's A Rihanna reference! and I'm really hoping I spelled her name correctly!!!!☄ Mexican Me It's Me :) EyeEmNewHere EyeEm Nature Lover Enjoying Life SeaOtter Spirtuality Spirit Animal Young Women Portrait City Headshot Smiling Close-up Head And Shoulders Pensive Self Portrait Photography Caucasian
I get to borrow Atticus' work 💼 and ➕🎨 supplies, while he is at his Dad's 🏡 🍀me! because I 💭 in 📷 ➕ and words look like pictures 🌆🏜🌠 to me! this is his Chrome 📚 with all his coding courses, education 🎒🏫📚🎓 🎮👾 etc. so I'm just using it as an easle Colored Pencil EyeEmNewHere Laptop Computer Laptopontopoflaptops Nofilter No People My Year My View MeAtHome Window Desk Table Business Finance And Industry Paper Chair Side Table
unfiltered picture like A vehicle like A flying past me A driver Shark; I see in my own rearview 💨 with 3 eyes ahead and A thousand on 🔛my back All the better to see u with my dear 💕 Mutt ChowChow Rescuedog ItsMe:) Walking Around My Neighborhood moments of happiness Therapdogg Nofilter Noflteredit My Birds Eye View Tree Road Car Sky vanishing point Diminishing Perspective
🚫 filter needed the cat 🐱is in it's cage Nofilter Nature Mydaughter❤️ EyeEmNewHere Nature Photography Childhood Child Rear View Museum Visiting Exhibition
no filter needed Nofilter moments of happiness Fragility Freedom EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEmNewHere Free 🐥 Close-up
no filter needed I ate my lunch in good company. I don't know why exactly I choose to sit here, yet this is what I sat next to. why I like it cause it literally looks like A recurring dream of Ⓜℹ♑ also I am not afraid of the dark 🌑 and I like bats Beauty In Nature Bats Dreams moments of happiness Tranquility Thenature San Diego, California Wood - Material Close-up Weathered Tranquil Scene Idyllic Worn Out
🚫filter, I bought lunch, took A Hike ate enjoyed, left 🔛 only 👟 the only souvenirs I took were pamphlets, photos, 🆓information EyeEmNewHere Enjoying Life Nofilternoedit Building Exterior Built Structure Signboard Information Information Sign Text Welcome Sign Directional Sign Warning
Dragonfly in the Sun ☀️you know how I feel" Nina Simone Technology Photography EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEmNewHere Close-up Deterioration Abandoned Run-down Damaged Weathered
no filter, the photo says 🗣it all Bonding Bondingwithdad moments of happiness Photography Parenthood Eye4photography  Nature Photography Nature_collection Portrait Headshot Front View Red Close-up