Double R.


The Trillest!
hello world
ill never forget where im from
Aye .
goodnight headed to d-town in the a.m.
That bee really got me tho!
What's up with yall ✌
Kj Taking over EyeEm
What's crazy is, is that we been together for a while and with doubters telling us that we weren't going to make it past the first album...psh! LOOK AT US NOW....we wouldn't be nothing without our fans and thisus from me personally...I love you guys dearl
a fan on 106 said I had duck lips
M¥ L!F€ ✌
Me & my little homie
Hard work pays off I guess!
Finally Here! #LONDON
I'm in Paris Working
Party In Chicago
oddly weird! #spiffy
Hey yall. ✌
Just one of those bummy days
I just wanna say thank you to my fans that show a lot of appreciation each and everyday, I love yall for that. Stay Spiffy✌
Ed, Edd, & Eddie. Me and my boys. Prince and Ray
Wassup with cha' ✌
Life on the world has made a huge impact on me. I love what I do, I do this for yall✌
Whats up #outsiders ?
Thats how I feel ✌
How yall feeling ?
Getting interviewed for the music video
Bout to get grubbin' with the homie