All I see is LOVE...cause everything made from GOD!...this is not my life's's my life at work!
To my daughter <3 Quality Time ExpressYourself Insperation! Love Faith God's Beauty God
I believe in our solders ...just not the wars we wage on one another :( God God's Beauty God Is Great. God Is Good
I call this being self absorbed
My daughter already designing her leg tats before She's 2 ...oh I have
As we move forward time just seems to be to fast as I look back at the images I left behind me
I'm back!!! Portrait Blackandwhite Rocking Out ExpressYourself Straight Out Of Boredom! Justtaken Unhinged
Because you are always inviting me solunabee Hdr_my_bnw
Portrait High everyone i have now moved and starting a new company i have started to build a new page on EyeEm is under Richard Mulligan ...i invite you all to come over :) would love to see you there ..also on Face Book under the same name Welcome To My Home EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Masterclass
If this isn't fun why do I continue to do it? :D
Let the promoting begin!! :D
Thanks to my good friend
Inspiration!! Here it comes
"I don't think you understand what I'm saying to you!!!" Other wise known as the "machete hand"
iPhone fun fun fun :)
REAL LIFE DRAMA!! ...starts tonight at 8!!! and tomorrow and the day after and the day after that... "LIFE! We know drama!" ( cheesy announcer voice ) :D
To be one again!!!
Sorry it's been awhile everyone ...but this ones growing
Oldie but goodie
Concept shot for next week :D
The dynamic duo!!! ... Blessings in abundance :D
Life is good!!
Let the accessories begin!!
Let the learning begin ;)
Real life drama!!... The awkward image series :D
So tired passed out in the middle of snack time ...that only looks cute with infants... I fell asleep in my soup once ... NOT pretty!!
Oh the DRAMA!! She's very cute when she's's amazing how the world seems when your 7 months :)
Done !!... Well not really ;) stay tuned for more development ... Heading to bed ... Good Night,good day and good evening!
Look mom no Plans!!... Just some scrap wood and time
Serious bondage!!!
Finally getting back to projects ... The start of something good! Welcome To My Home
What I consider My HEAVEN!! ...can't wait to see what My GOD has planed for can only imagine!!
Hello world!!!
.....and then she sleeps :)
I don't know why ...but all of you look so small to me!! :D
my little cherub... now available in stores ;)