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I love photography as much as I love music! This is the only place to see most of these photos.Please share but give credit if you do Thanks
All the BuZzzzz! Bee Buzzing Fall Fall Colors Delightful
Pet Portraits Dog Pets Real People Mansbestfriend A true representation of this guys love. Chewie is always next to his daddy and wants me to hold him... I love this guy so much. I hope you just smiled a little too :)
Stairs to lower street level in Chicago. :) Steps And Staircases Staircase Steps The Way Forward Built Structure No People Day Architecture Indoors  Chicago Taking Photos City The Graphic City
Going to work in Chicago on north Michigan Avenue :) Building Exterior Architecture City Skyscraper Low Angle View No People Outdoors Modern Tower Downtown District Office Block Cityscape Reflection Chicago Taking Photos
Walk to work in Chicago Transportation Focus On Foreground Public Transport Journey Sky Chicago Taking Photos Reflection The Graphic City
Grilling healthy all summer. :) Grilling BBQ Healthy Eating Summer Having Fun Cooking Taking Photos
Street Food Worldwide Fresh Produce Having Fun Broccoli Cooking Preparing some fresh broccoli with fresh garlic is amazing.
Street Food Worldwide Onion Fresh Produce What a cool photo of this onion. Oddly enough I only took 2 photos of this and decided to share one :)
Hello world... It's been a while. Happy Monday everyone :) Hello World Having Fun Love Chilling Taking Photos Self Portrait ThatsMe Fashion
Urban Spring Fever Stairs down to the subway in Chicago... Where they go is up to you :) enjoy. Stairs Taking Photos Blackandwhite
Dad, dad, daddy... It's National Puppy Day! Yeah for Dogs! Puppy Dog Taking Photos Love Capture The Moment Nationalpuppyday
A photo that captures reflections, shadows and beauty. I just shot this yesterday and had to share. One of my new favorites for 2016. Enjoy! Photography Chicago Reflection Shadow Shadows & Lights Water Reflections Sky Skyscraper
Lights in the city of Chicago Lights Chicago Photography Having Fun Nightphotography
Everything In Its Place Birds Photography Having Fun Everyone should have a piebird! :) Happy Baking
Look who's watching the Xfiles with his dad... Mansbestfriend Dog Chilling Watching Tv Love
Capture The Moment Nature Butterfly Butterflies For me seeing 1 butterfly makes me happy. Seeing 2 in sync was absolutely amazing and I am happy I could get the shot.
Capture The Moment Nature Trees Fall Beauty Blue Sky Lake The moment when peace and bueaty come together. Such a relaxing day at the lake. Enjoy :)
Capture The Moment Nature Trees Fall Beauty Blue Sky Capturing that first moment of fall. So bueatiful. I wish we had these colors all year round. :)
Capture The Moment Nature Trees Fall Beauty What an amazing shot. I love how the color pops with the natural shadow from the sun. Just bueatiful.
Amazing how strong this trees branches are and so beautiful. Taking Photos Nature Trees Fall Beauty
My World Of Food Having Fun Taking Photos A Taste Of Life Food Photography Street Food Worldwide Ghirardelli chocolate brownies with fresh banana baked right in! Topped off with a home made semi-sweet chocolate drizzle. OMG amazing!!! Who wants some?!?!
My World Of Food Having Fun Taking Photos A Taste Of Life Foodporn Garlic Sesame Asian Stir-fry... one of my favorites made in a LeCreuset cast iron wok. This dish was without rice. When I do add rice it is usually a nice brown rice. :) enjoy.
Halloween Witch Having Fun Taking Photos Ha... It's that time of year again. So much fun. Time flies. :)
A Taste Of Life Food Taking Photos Having Fun Street Food Worldwide Stir-fry always brings people together. The smell alone is amazing. Love it. :)
Trees Nature Taking Photos Clouds And Sky What an amazingly shaped trunk. It stood out to me enough to stop and capture the moment. B&W was most fitting for this image. Enjoy.
Self Portrait Around The World Shadow Different Self Portrait Rocky Glen Trail my shadow was feeling left out :) he's usually always there for me.
Self Portrait Around The World Rocky Glen Trail Illinois Self Portrait Having Fun ThatsMe Old tracks along the Rocky Glen Trail. This set of tracks are no longer in service. Fun place to visit.
Food Porn Awards Street Tacos Tacos Chicago Taking Photos Street Food Worldwide Enjoying some amazing street tacos. Yum :) Carne Asada style.
Food Porn Awards Food Soup Street Food Worldwide I love food almost as much as photography. Haha. That time of year is close by. Soups On!!! Well this is the start of it. Enjoy.
Wear what makes you feel good! We are all beautiful. Share the Love Striking Fashion Fashion Fashion Hair Self Portrait Hello World Enjoying Life Taking Photos
Button Up Fashion Selfie ✌ ThatsMe Hello World Enjoying Life Striking Fashion Fashion Hair ... Have fun! Wear what makes you feel good!!! Say hi!!! :)
Another storm brings amazing flowers and even better photo ops. I love taking photos after a rain. :) I had to share. Flowers Garden Raindrops Taking Photos
Spring Rain... Half bloomed magnolia bud taken today I love shots like these so of course I had to share. Spring Spring Flowers Magnolia Taking Photos
Ahhh whatcha eatin'...can I have some? I'm pretty sure that's what this guy was thinking. So I'm like how about a photo instead :) and please don't hurt me lol. Geese Taking Photos Crazy Moments
New Life. Spring is here. :) Spring Flowers Springtime Flowers,Plants & Garden
How cool. I feel lucky to have this shot. This is not my Jeep but I had to stop my car for the photo op :) O |||||| O Jeep Life Green Having Fun
Cool storm clouds and sweet shot. I love the colors in the photo. Enjoy Clouds And Sky Stormy Weather
Another sweet shot. Just such a cool way to see how amazing our planet really is. Clouds And Sky Trees
I love watching the clouds in the sky. So peaceful and relaxing. Some cool patterns this day and I wanted to share =) Clouds And Sky Taking Photos
Love the sun hitting these trees. I had to stop and take a shot. Trees Look Up And Thrive Taking Photos Spring
Reflection I - Spring is almost here. What a great day for taking photos! :) Trees Reflection Spring Taking Photos
Giant Restaurant Route 66 I wish this place was still open. Hoping someone will reopen it soon. Visit this guy next time you're near the Chicago area. Launching Pad Drive-In.
Drinks Martini Hanging Out Hanging out at Karen's house with homemade martini recipes. Amazing. And a cool shot I must say :)
Garden Flowers Trees Is this not one of the coolest shots? I love this photo and I love spring time. This is my view every spring. Enjoy.
Colors Tiles Fun Never know what you'll see in Chicago. :) that's why you always need a camera.
Tomatoes Taking Photos Fresh Produce Street Food Worldwide Who doesn't take photos of their food. Haha. I love this photo and it was a great salad... with cucumbers of course.
Sphere Taking Photos Cool This is a really cool sphere. Love the tubular look. Had to photograph this :)
Negative Space Having Fun Boats Just a great shot looking up. I had to capture this and share. :) enjoy
Precision Work Having Fun Art Just a small section of the art wall at work!!! All redone for the new season. Enjoy =)
Everyday Joy Joy for me is being surrounded by the people I love and anything outdoors. I love to capture phots like this one, taken just a few days ago. Enjoy.
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