p.d. lau


p.d. lau
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Full frame shot of patterned metal
Midsection of woman holding ice cream
High angle view of apples on table
Directly above shot of person preparing food on table
Close-up of cupcakes on table
High angle view of fruits on table
Close-up of person holding hands over white background
Low section of dog walking on footpath
Close-up of pink dahlia flower
Midsection of man preparing food on table
Coffee cup on table
High angle view of flowers
Close-up of pink flowering plants
Bridge over river by buildings against sky in city
Exterior of old building
Midsection of person holding strawberry
High angle view of multi colored pencils on table
Midsection of woman holding drink
Low angle view of power lines against sky at sunset
Close-up of hand holding plant
High angle view of dessert in plate on table
Low angle view of coconut palm tree against clear blue sky
Carousel in amusement park against sky
Full frame shot of pink flowering plant
Full frame shot of purple flower
Close-up of palm tree
Illuminated lights in city against sky at night
High angle view of ice cream over black background
High angle view of boats moored in water
High angle view of vegetables for sale in market
Full frame shot of pink for sale in market
Close-up of flowering plant on field
Scenic view of sea against sky
Close-up of red flowers growing on tree
Tree on field against clear sky
Low angle view of bare tree against blue sky
Panoramic view of beach against clear sky
Close-up of pink flower blooming outdoors
Close-up of pink flowers blooming outdoors
Close-up of prickly pear cactus
View of wheel
Close-up of boats moored in lake against sky
Lifeguard hut on beach
Scenic view of sea
Close-up of metallic structure
Reflection of bridge in water
Close-up of wood
View of bridge against sky
Close-up of dessert
View of cathedral against cloudy sky
Close-up of yellow flowers blooming outdoors
View of flowers
Scenic view of field against sky
Red corridor of building
Close-up of yellow built structure
Close-up of hand holding glass
Close-up of hand holding butterfly
Close-up of sheep on wood
Midsection of man
Close-up portrait of sheep
Scenic view of mountains against sky
View of traditional building
Close-up of horse standing outdoors
Close-up of fern leaves
Scenic view of mountains against sky
Close-up of clothes hanging on built structure
Close-up of cake hanging
Man working in bus
Close-up of boat
Tomatoes for sale at market stall
Reflection of city in water
Footbridge amidst trees against sky
Rear view of man climbing on mountain against sky
Close-up of rope tied to sea against sky
Boat moored in sea against sky
View of traffic on city street
Overhead cable car over mountains against sky
Close-up of jellyfish swimming in water
View of cloudy sky at night
Close-up of fresh green tree in forest
Close-up of fresh green leaves
Rear view of people on the ground
Bare tree against sky
Trees on field against sky
Low angle view of statue against sky
Full length of a man in front of building
Close-up of hand feeding horse
Close-up of fresh green plants
Trees on beach against sky
Full length of a man standing against trees
Close-up of person holding hands
Close-up of person hand with umbrella
Rear view of couple standing at beach
Rear view of boy on sand at beach
Close-up of a baby
Full length of boy on sand at beach
High angle view of hands on sand
Close-up of turtle on tree
Close-up of girl with ice cream
Close-up of dog