Neil Turner


Middle-aged editorial photographer still obsessed with taking pictures for fun, for a living and for posterity.
A group of kayakers passes by on a sunny March morning. Bournemouth Black & White Soaking Up The Sun
Two young men discussing the protocols of buying presents for Mothers Day. Taking Photos Bournemouth Shopping
A man stands in Bournemouth Square trying to interest passers by in his leaflets without much success. Taking Photos Black & White Shadows
Getting free wifi at McDonalds? Taking Photos Out Walking Dorset
Light over the River Thames as dusk fades into night. Taking Photos London Out Walking
Carousel on the South Bank, London. London Taking Photos
Evening commuters hurry past London's Royal Festival Hall en route to Waterloo. Taking Photos Commuting London
Shopper takes the short cut between Embankment and Charing Cross. Taking Photos Commuting
Shadows on a sunny day at the top of Tottenham Court Road. Taking Photos Black & White Soaking Up The Sun Shadows
Elderly couple on their way to their holidays. Starting A Trip Bournemouth Commuting
Donuts failing to attract young women on Waterloo Station. Blimey!
View from an early train across Southampton towards the container port. Black & White Out Of The Window
Business as usual at a Bournemouth Cooperative food store on the day that CEO Euan Sutherland resigned. Moordown
Dog owner retrieves dog from the waves. Dogs On The Beach Enjoying The Sun Dorset
Enjoying the English Channel at its coldest. Fisherman's Walk beach on a beautiful early March morning. Black & White Soaking Up The Sun Enoughsaid
Another beautiful Match morning on the beach with lots of dogs and their walkers. Enjoying The Sun Out Walking Black & White
Families enjoy the unseasonal warm sunshine on the beach at Bournemouth. Enjoying The Sun Sunshine Soaking Up The Sun
The waves and the sunshine brought the crowds out at Fisherman's Walk beach this lunchtime Soaking Up The Sun Dorset Enjoying Life
Rubbish outside a Gentlemans' club. Black & White Out Walking Enoughsaid
A bit later on in Bournemouth Square - pedestrians on their way home. Black & White Soaking Up The Sun Out Walking Shadow
Cyclist riding through the Square in Bournemouth. Black & White Soaking Up The Sun Enoughsaid
No publicity said the middle aged man walking past the disused phone box. Bournemouth, Dorset. 07 March 2014. Out Walking Taking Photos
Broken telephone box outside a mobile phone retailer. Taking Photos Black & White Bournemouth
The last remnants of my fiftieth birthday celebrations . Moordown Balloons
Al fresco lunch at Camden Lock. Taking Photos Black & White Out Walking
Bored commuters on board a Northern Line train from Camden Town to Waterloo Commuting Notes From The Underground Black & White
Stairs leading to the southbound underground platform at Camden Town Black & White Commuting Taking Photos
Working on the train. Commuting Black & White
Bicycles lined up at Woking Station. Black & White Out Of The Window Taking Photos
Trolley service boards the train for the rest of the journey to London. Black & White Train Station
Commuter waits for the London train on Brockenhurst Station. Black & White Taking Photos
Chasing Aurora Borealis around Northern Finland on my 50th birthday. Aurora Borealis Taking Photos
No northern lights yet but the "Northern Dims" made an appearance. Taking Photos Clouds And Sky
Waiting for colleagues. Taking Photos Black & White
Sign at the back of the photographers area at London Fashion Weekend Health & Safety Taking Photos Up To Speed
Dusk was nice for a very short time. Clouds And Sky
More dogs on more beaches Out Walking Black & White
Clearly the owner of this set of taps is scared of getting sued!!! Health & Safety
Slim pickings for seagulls on the beach looking for food. Out Walking Bournemouth
One daffodil makes an appearance in our garden - unusual for January! Moordown Soaking Up The Sun
Rain can be fascinating when you are taking a screen-break. Out Walking Puddleography Moordown
Crossing puddles to get to the Co-Operative supermarket. Out Walking Bournemouth Puddleography
The January sales are still going strong down here. Taking Photos Fujifilm Out Walking
As luck would have it, the building that hosts the NCTJ Photojournalism course that I teach on is 80 years old today. @Up_To_Speed Bournemouth Anniversary
On my way to my first teaching session of 2014 I stopped for a coffee and saw this through the window. Fujifilm Taking Photos Bournemouth
Just stopped to take a picture. Moon Black & White Soaking Up The Sun
Lunch break with the company vehicle parked right outside. Out Walking Fujifilm
Almost every time I walk past the Royal British Legion the flag us flying at half mast. Sad but in many ways reassuring and noble too. Out Walking Bournemouth
Paintwork on my car looks lovely when it's wet. Puddleography Bournemouth
Shiny new Doctor Marten's on the London Underground. Taking Photos Fujifilm Northern Line
The sun shone for a few minutes in Moordown. Out Walking Fujifilm Bournemouth
Tourist mode... Black & White Taking Photos London
Tourist mode... Taking Photos Black & White Out Walking
A bit early for a meeting so I went tourist for half an hour. Taking Photos Black & White London
Film set at dusk. Taking Photos Out Walking Fujifilm
Feeling a lot like a tourist. Out Walking Memory Lane Black & White
Out Walking Iphone 5 Panorama I used to love this area...
For a brief few hours today the sky was blue and the only water in the air was sea spray. Happyday Enjoying The Sun Out Walking
Beautiful winter's day on the beach. Out Walking Enjoying The Sun Bournemouth
Brilliant blue skies and strong winds - beautiful winter's day in Boscombe. Out Walking Bournemouth
Favourite number plate of the year so far License_plate
Christmas ends on our house today. The decorations are coming down for another year. Christmas Goodmorning
Look both ways - not a bad new year's resolution... Out Walking Crossing The Street
Taking pictures for the sheer hell of it. Soaking Up The Sun Out Walking Puddleography
Spent a lot of time here as a child. Very happy memories and a favourite building. Out Walking Soaking Up The Sun Memory Lane
New Year's Eve with friends and a really odd game! Enoughsaid
Me and my nephew at the crossroads. Out Walking Taking Photos Shadow
A little TLC for my hard-working car - way over 1,000 miles over Christmas and it was filthy. Car Wash Christmas Black & White
Sunny Boxing Day on Holy Island. Christmas Family Walks Iphone 5 Panorama
Caught distributing presents... Merry Christmas everyone! Holiday Christmas
Estate wall Holiday Out Walking Family Walks
That's it - shopping done, logs chopped, fire lit and it is full speed ahead for a family Christmas. Holiday Christmas Lights
The River Tweed in full flood this morning. Holiday Christmas
Guess what I'm up to this afternoon? Christmas Lights Frustration
Santa's Showtime at Canary Wharf London Enoughsaid
Getting the tube at the end of a great evening. London Taking Photos
6th December 2013 Commuter falls asleep after midnight on a Circle Line train as it approaches Liverpool Street Station. Taking Photos Black & White
6th December 2013. Eastbound District Line train stops at Tower Hill. London Taking Photos Fujifilm
Couple bickering very publicly at Royal Victoria DLR station. They were very skilled at it and seemingly unaware how incomfortable it made everyone within earshot. Taking Photos London Black & White
On the M25 and the skies from the National Express window are still good. Clouds And Sky National Express
Shot from the window of a National Express coach link between London Gatwick and London Heathrow. M23 Cloudporn, Skyporn, My View And Motivation
The Ford Go Further event in Spain was fun... Hello World Ford
Sunshine after the rain. Dorset Inspecting The Garden
Former Royal Mail depot fallen into disuse. Dorset Out Walking
Autumn skies over Bournemouth. Enjoying The Sun Cloudporn, Skyporn, My View And Motivation
Probably our last visit to the beach hut this year. Sad bubbles. Enjoying The Sun Dorset
Now to find the other five... Out Walking Dorset Window Shopping
Tokio Myers playing at Canary Wharf. London Arts
The morning light reflecting off of the Barclays building. London Goodmorning
No, please, it is still October so I really don't want to see this fir sale just yet... Out Walking Bournemouth Window Shopping
Dog on beach = camera magnet. Bournemouth Dogs On The Beach Dorset
Spiderman building her moat Soaking Up The Sun Bournemouth
Due south the clouds are gorgeous this morning. Soaking Up The Sun Clouds And Sky Bournemouth
Late October sunshine. Bournemouth Clouds And Sky
Every cloud has a silver lining... the day sfter the big storm is perfect for a bug/slug/snail hunt Out Walking Bournemouth Watching Wildlife
Wet and wild but busy on the beach at Branksome Chine. Black & White
My long term obsession with photographing dogs on the beach gets an airing. Dorset Dogs On The Beach Black & White
The great thing about living by the sea us that it's still a great place to go fir a walk when the weather is bad. Iphone 5 Panorama Dorset