Yed Ibrahim


Im a masscom student of feu, i love to swim,dance and play a guitar thou im not good it. Im so maarte yet easy to be friend of. Xoxo
If others have couple shirt, friendship ring, we have friendship vape.. Yiie. Uso na magvape ngayon :)
And so with my guitar, pink
Coz i love pink
A screen shot from my we heart it account.follow me on we heart it deykiss.
Have a happy saturday :)
Yiie screen shot from my ig. Follow me on ig @deyibrahim
Im so like barbie on this picture. Kinda' haha
I just though of this picture that ariel of little mermaid is real. Haha. Look at ze hair, kinda similar. Right?
Dream,believe,achieve, whatever?! Just live your life to fullest :)
Since i posted this on my instagram,i will also post this here. Anyways follow me on instagram @deyibrahim.
I keep posting pictures coz you know, im new here. Haha. Parang instagram lang to ah.
What has done is a history. Hello there, look at my eyebags, i haven't gone to sleep yet.
Great thing i have cool friends like theme. Yuhu <3
Hello im new here and im looking forward to have new friends. Have a great day!
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