Patricia De Bruijn


Orange By Motorola orange poppy xx
Beautiful boy ❤️
Iron maiden :)
Arrived at the Netherlands yesterday it's so beautiful and white :) but cold ? Deep Freeze
Yves he's just so beautiful I love him xx
Christmas Tree
Autumn colors
Baby cousin yves Feeling Thankful
Concert AA What Does Music Look Like To You?
Rainbow in the rain
On the road:)
Not the best it turned out better on the day but for got to take a picture oh well Halloween Horrors
Ocean waves laping What Does Freedom Mean To You
Textures And Surfaces
Learning from mistakes RePicture Learning
Flowers and the sun
Sitting down and with my brother watching the sun go down
Edge of the lense cap :)
Old/vintage cameras
More old/vintage camera photos :)
Picture of my taking a picture with an old camera :)
Picture of old/vintage cameras ?
Used a lense cap to make the sepria colour i just love taking pictures of old/vintage cameras :)
Effect on retrica