Loveable Yonnie


please please DON'T take my KINDNESS 4 a WEAKNESS
Just Stay Calm
Im jux bord as always
sum timz my Bae jux makes me go Krazy n I luv him
I Want You Here
Enjoying Life
whore make up fa da first time
dis morning doe on our way to skol dope axx fees doe
a picture is worth a thousand words wat does ours say go ahead dnt be affraid
cuzzin tottie n meh dnt she lok lik granny lol
i wad soo bord i was pretendin to 2 yrs old i was fun
Now dats a GUD relationship
Shit happens soo deal wit it
Dis it how my mind works don't BLAME me BLAME my mind I Miss You! ;*
My relationship is prt of dis post I want it to da whole post not just prt u no wat I mean
i styl won dat race imma beast at dat gme ( need for speed )
bcuz its truu
United States
sum people say i got problems or imm special but really imm bein just me
earlier today inna car
kute as can be
no matter Wat day, time week year mouth our swagg always on point for any event
lok @ Cookie Monster
Taking Photos
I love u to death but u take entirely too many pics
we are really Krazy but some COLEE AXX FEES
Hanging Out
cousin hea go follow Mr @blue_Heart
on our way to skol
we were bord
she a tru GANGTA that's ma moma