I am a Dancer passionate about it. Eat breath and sleep Dancing
How god made me stay still in aww oh his creations.
we had a hawian pool party to raise money for the lgbt hiv aids foundation. We were the bartenders. For that night.
GOOD MORNING Lasvegas time to hustle.
Resbeansandrice Friedchicken Chickenstrips Macaroniandcheese corn pinkmoscato love
Finally finished this Pinkmoscato
Work hard play hard Gym Time. Dancers have to work out too.
Put your ego aside
Take a Good Look Haters. Like a good man once said Great dancers arent great because of there technique but because of there PASSION. I am Born To Dance -Happy National Dance Day
Happy National Dance Day Everybody. ??????????????
"Thank you vegas" said @danitykane
That night at the poolparty bartending with the choreo gurl
Bish whet... hahha shut up its time to stunt on these hoes (ties laces & flips 32' inch hair)
I have no words
Yes @shannon_bex give them.what the doctor ordered
Yall betta slay for the gaaawwddsss
@dawnrichard and @shannon_bex giving face and gettin ready to serve these hoes.
A bich and his bestfriend go to the club party every weekend she get in for free. Lol
@dawnrichard serving that security guard a full course meal. Amd hes full HONEEEYYYY ?????
The queens @dawnrichard and @shannon_bex purkin up before the next song.
Had the best time with the home girl @raiday_
Yes shannon gave me life @hazenightclub
The divas @dawnrichard @aubreyoday all in a days work. @hazenightclub
When @dawnrichard aka neon comes to life.
Hayyyy @aubreyoday say oooooooooh ooohhhhh ohhhhh. Break em off summ proper like a real showstopper
for those of yall who dont know ms. @dawnrichard listen to her music for the begining. ?????? she was serving me vocals for breakfast. Face for lunch and body for desert ??????
Best night of my life. @shannon_bex was beat for the gawds and @aubreyoday goooood gaawwwddd them ???
DK 3 KILLED THAT SHIT LAST NIGHT. WITH A THIN STAGE. GAVE ME EVRYTHING. Hair flips .... Ass shakin... Body drops.... them women had it goin on.
110Degrees Imdead ?? ooooooooooooweeeee its hot
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