Denise Philipp


Kicking off the sentiment analysis workshop with @IBM
Prohibition is over!
Back to the original stomping grounds.
WM und die neue Terrasse einweihen.
Pitch time at the Hamburg Geekettes hackathon! HackathonHH
Sport und so.
Prepping for our hackathon in July - obviously.
strike a pose!
Where is @ramz ???
American Hustle, reclined.
<3 'Merica!
The hat fits! Big thanks!
My new roomie baby Hugo!
First things first!!
The @Soundcloud panel talking insights and growth. Happy 5th Anniversary to you guys!
Mapping the Future...
Off to Latvia in the smallest plane eva!
Red Cross backup-just for our hardcore hackers! Berlin Geekettes Hackathon
Prep School for the Berlin Geekettes Hackathon Berlin Geekettes Hackathon