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Good morning, Sagada! Travelph Morefuninthephilippines
Nice view of Mayon Volcano 😁👍👌🌋☁⛪ Morefuninthephilippines Travelph
Art Gallery
Found it! Cinderella's 👠
Take me here again💕 Travelph Morefuninthephilippines
With my main niggaz Foodporn
Picture says it all.
Where it all started
One of my favs 😋
The happier I get, the less I can see.
Colorful shits.
🏊💪 Morefuninthephilippines Travelph Quickgetaway
On point Thoughts
Insert alecz and paula
You can stand under my *colorful umbrella(s) 🌂
I think i'm losing my mind now.
⛅❤ Morefuninthephilippines Travelph
Colorful shits (again) 😍
Waves Morefuninthephilippines Travelph
It's our paradise
One of the most epic and historical church I've visited.
Last stop for Ilocos tour.
It always bring back the kid in you
Hello, Ilocos Norte! 😊
Watcha lookin' there kiddo?
Chillin' all by myself
Thoughts 💭
You gotta give yourself some credits
Just another shot 📷
Shadow hunter.
📍Malacañang of the North 😎 Malacanang of the North also known as Malacañang ti Amianan, as the locals call it, is a 5-hectare property situated in Brgy. Suba, Paoay, Ilocos Norte. It is considered as one of the important landmark in the province of Ilocos as this has been the official residence/rest house of the late President Ferdinand Marcos and his family whenever they are in Ilocos. It's no acquaintance that the said foremer president is a famous son of Ilocos Norte as he was born and raised in Sarrat, Ilocos Norte. The 2-storey mansion was said to be given to former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos by her wife and first lady then, Imelda Marcos, as a gift for his 60th birthday. This has been an extension for the office of the president and alternative venue to welcome local and foreign dignitaries. Source:
Calle Crisologo
Lemme see your dark side as well as the bright