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Beautiful night First Eyeem Photo
A client asked me to make a men's wardrobe valet for them. (Something to hang suits and ties on that would rest against the wall) - an open idea - however I wanted to do it. This is what I came up with... This was a vintage panel door from a jewelry store from the 1940s which I added a multiple trim pieces to give it height and visual interest. I also filled in the glass section with reclaimed wood. I can create custom projects for you from so many different things - how can we work together to create a one-of-a-kind project for you? Hingestore Homedecor BeforeAndAfter  Reclaimedwood upcycle wood cherry customwork oneofakind furniture madebyhinge
Have you wondered what Frankie would look like with hair Donate
My oh my
This is happening...right now. Duckface
Perfect day WhoDey
Beer fest, poutine. Awesome.
Sometimes you wakeup in the morning and your hair says "straighten me one more time... I dare you" Hingestore Hairmonster
Albert is having a blast today
I've never met a power tool I didn't like Hingestore Homedecor Intheshop
Slight changes to the Park+Vine tables. Go check them out, have lunch, buy some amazing things. Have an amazing Tuesday. Hingestore Homedecor Harvesttable
Well hello there. Timetoride Harley
Awesome. Oktoberfest
And here is the table from today! These amazing clients sent me a photo during its first dinner voyage! Hingestore Homedecor Harvesttable Reclaimedwood upcycle
Final delivery for @parkvine today. See the Facebook page for a video of all of the tables! Hingestore Homedecor Rustic Nautical woodworking wood reclaimedwood harvesttable
Just completed this bench and harvest table! Seven ft x four ft Hingestore Homedecor Harvesttable Reclaimedwood woodworking customwork
Sharenothingbutlove is the best. If you haven't been touched by it you should reach out to @ty_me today and read all about it Internationalpenpals Loveistheanswer
Amazingly cute settee available for just $75. Good springs and easy to carry Hingestore Homedecor
Move a 2000 lb structure by hand? Take a moment afterwards for a margarita. Ohbuddy
Um, so, I got a little dirty today. Always a sign of a good solid work day! however if this picture had smell-o-vision you would wish you hadn't stopped to take a look. Whoa! Showers
So it's official... it's open!! (And that baby really smells like some aged bourbon! Hingestore Whiskey Bourbon Antics
Coming along!
Well hello beautiful! Stain - done! Hingestore Homedecor Woodworking Customwork reused beforeandafter reclaimedwood
This whiskey barrel conversion is going to be AMAZING! You will want to stick around for this one! Hingestore Homedecor Whiskey BeforeAndAfter
Oh buddy! This one Is going to be awesome! Adding a foot board to the bottom, stain and protect and here ready for delivery! Want one? Let me know! (This is 7ft x 4 ft) Hingestore Homedecor Reclaimedwood BeforeAndAfter  wood woodworking
On TV? yup! Check it Rowhouseshowdown Fyinetwork Hingestore Homedecor
Mom's and I are working some wood for tables today! Hingestore Homedecor BeforeAndAfter  Reclaimedwood reclaim
Tomflashescincy continues
Tomflashescincy continues
Tomflashescincy fun fun
Albertphotobomb Nationaldogday
Next round of table deliveries at @parkvine ! Rustic tables to order using reclaimed wood - want one? The stain treatments are custom to your specs. Hingestore Homedecor Rustic Customwork reclaimedwood table
Next round of table deliveries at @parkvine ! Rustic tables to order using reclaimed wood - want one? The stain treatments are custom to your specs. Hingestore Homedecor Parkvine Rustic reclaimedwood table customwork
It's official - our heads are reunited again. Albertphotobomb Missedmydog Ithinkhemissedmetoo Backinohio
Mustache? Donate
Finished these custom cushions. This is to and bottom view. (Top print, bottom blue). There are three in all, totally 84 inches. Hingestore Homedecor Upholstery Customwork
All tuckered out from playing ball this morning.! I NEED to find a use for this fabric. Who else needs this in their life?! Hingestore Homedecor Upholstery Dogs hilarious
Ah the happiness I find being surrounded by fabrics! Of course Hinge does upholstery work. Hingestore Homedecor Upholstery Fabric customwork
Well Gizmo needed a bath today...
The sky is amazing today
Oh man Imsosweaty
Happy birthday to my amazingly beautiful grandmother! 81 years young today.
Sometimes when I am putting the final touches on a project, I turn around and have the most amazing discoveries. Thanks Gizmo. Hingestore Homedecor Catslife
This chair was painted a very deep black and red. Today it is completed refinished bringing back it's amazing natural beauty! Just another service offered by Hinge! Hingestore Homedecor Refinish Wood
One more! Roadtrippin Landscape Windmill Nofilter onthemove
Had to take one more. Roadtrippin Indiana Megabus Landscape
Headed back - see ya soon Cincinnati Onthemove Roadtrippin Homeiswherethecornis Indiana landscape nofilter
Well last day and this is a great way to start
Well good morning. Tika
Soccer? Sure! Isthisreal
Say what Whereareyou
Nice run cubbies
Play ball! (From new seats!) Chicagocubs
Play ball!
I've missed you montrose harbor
Um, I just bought this water at a gas station... yes that is tape. TAPE? this cannot be safe. Why Seriously Whereiskrisha
Great morning sky for my trip. See ya soon Chicago! Roadtrippin
Amazing jazz kinda night Elevatewalnuthills Traceywalker
The longest yardsale (from Michigan to Alabama) is officially under way! The Hinge House is in the path (2 blocks from the main strip) and we will be selling all weekend! Today until 4. Tomorrow 8 am- 4 and Sunday 10 am - 4. Send me a message there are so many items it is hard to show them all in one photo! Address 1537 Kinney Ave 45231 Hingestore
Albert loves how I set up the new Hinge workshop. Albertphotobomb
A night to remember Saywhatagain
Just put more things out - ALL FREE. come and get it!
Taking down the sign and putting the final FREE items outside (still more mirrors and dressers coming out) Don't forget we aren't closing we are just leaving our location here in WH. Hingestore
So we realized while moving there just isn't enough room to take all of our stuff - there are some amazing pieces (including a waterfall 1930s dresser!) That we are leaving behind for FREE. You just need to come and pick them up. Hingestore Homedecor Comeandgetit Free
Aaaaaand yep. It's a wrap.
It's getting serious. Werunthistown
This hair situation should explain how I am feeling about the list of things remaining to do today Disheveled
Will be reupholstering this one - what color do your think? Hingestore Homedecor
Fun flower clock! Hingestore
A great piece that can be painted (by me or you) or left as is to provide amazing storage potential! (Wine or liquor storage anyone?) Hingestore Homedecor Vintage Storage
Metal bins (all from lockers with number tag except one vintage refrigerator drawer). Hingestore Homedecor Metal Vintage
How about these crates? Awesome! I would say Hingestore Homedecor Crates
Another great piece. Needs staining or and upholstery but I am totally up for the challenge! Hingestore Homedecor BeforeAndAfter
The bike obsession continues. These are amazing pieces of bike history - I'm so excited to have them - want one? (Like the AMC flash?) Let me know :) Hingestore Homedecor Bicycle Flash schwin vintage rustygold bike love
An amazing lunch box I picked up today! $18 Hingestore Homedecor Tin Vintage lunchbox
You know you are out far pickin when there is one type of gas, and party hogs. Hingestore Pickinforalivin
Did I ever tell you I play this fun thing? Let your kids learn music - of any kind - it opens your mind in so many ways! Hingeathome
Took a small break for lunch - can't be mad at the scenery Hingestore Onthemove Nature
More tables headed to Park+Vine! @parkvine These are the primitive quilt pattern called "the Ohio cross" (each state has their own pattern) and was made from reclaimed wood We make custom tables - want one? Let me know! Hingestore Homedecor Reclaimedwood Stain pattern quilt primitive customwork table wood customtreatment
Today is the last day for the Hinge Walnut Hills store. (We have huge things on the horizon check out the Facebook page). I am here 11am - 3pm with huge amazing last day savings (chairs as low as $1). Even if you don't buy anything stop by and say see ya soon! Hingestore Homedecor Sale
Well hello Gizmo.
Looking for a really unique sign? Well here you go! Hingestore Homedecor Catfish
Our next giveaway item! Complete, never used, fondue set! Just let us know what your favorite thing to dip in fondue and you are entered to win! Drawing at 1pm! Hingestore Homedecor Fondue
Just a reminder this is our last weekend before closing the walnut hills store. We are here 9-5 today! Hingestore Homedecor Albertphotobomb
Queen size headboard and foot board - freshly painted - for sale! Hingestore Homedecor
More windows have arrived! $5 each!
Oh Albert!
These are still amazing. Happydays Rosé
Do you have a gardener in your life? Enter our contest to win this amazing set of gardening books! Comment below with the name of your favorite flower and we will draw a winner tonight at 8pm! Hingestore Flowers Homedecor Outdoor
Home-a-roma is awesome this year
Looking for a fun vintage toy for the kiddos? Well check this wood arm cart out! Hingestore Homedecor Woodtoys Vintage
Just a reminder - we are open 9am-5pm today! Hingestore Homedecor Getitbeforeitisgone
Amazing primitive shelf! Hingestore Homedecor Primitive
Portable record player! Hingestore Record Vintage
Amazing vintage leather messengers bag - $25 Hingestore Vintage Leather