Anna Dinh


birthday weekend in San Diego Sandiego with the love of my life ♥
'Nobody can take us down there is only you and me without you I can't be you're the universe to me you're the air in my lungs you're the field where I run you're the sky where I'm floating ♥ SEVENLIONS Tovelo Edm Fave
Goodmorning Funfact  =) PenguinLove Herfavanimal ♥
Closingup the shop soon & then hitting the gym Quicksesh ..then head home =] Longday CantWaitToBeHome with my love. UnderArmour NoPainNoGain
♥ Truth Communication is everything LaughLoveLive Repost Love
Me tonight after work...Gym AnytimeFitness FitCouple PerfectforMe DatAss ;) LayingoffGrandpasOldMedicine for awhile lol DumbAndDumber SummerBod
Yesterday Datenight Orangecounty  Thekickincrab Seafood Yummy She likes shrimp but don't like crablegs..those are the best lol hater dork
BeerandBOOBIES Stellaartois ;) Datenight
Bobadate Babygirl
PomonaFairplex Usies Church
♥ EasterAtFairplex ChurchCouple MyOtherHalf
Happyeaster Church Sunday =p going to be a Greatweekend with her fam and mine
Perfect night ;)
Bonfire time Drinks Beerpong later ♥ Loveofmylife MyEverything
Easteregghunt Saturday Herfamily Iloveyoubaby
Alllllright Usie Notaselfie Mylove EasterSaturday BbQ today =] !
Breakfast before work. My gf is thee best lol ;) I love you baby.
Candycorn Gfscat Cute but Lazy lol
You know you do this lol Preworkout Gymselfies Showoff  lol Flex anytimefitness sucks when my gf has fitness 19 and I have another gym membership at a diff place, but then again. . .I wouldn't be able to work out if she's around. Have me sweating ;) DatAss StopandStare Wowzers FitCouple LiquidDiet after Easter LetsDoThis
Yes Tgif lol Easter weekend with her fam and mines. Church BBQ Food!!!! =D
Throwback Thursday DatBellyTho lol TBT  AsianGardenMall back in the day ;p MeanMuggin NoIDontLikeSmiling
I love you babe! I appreciate you and everything you do. You treat me so well. Come home from work soon. This gift is waiting for you. And so am I, naked with grapes ;) I jkjk...maybe heh ♥
=P you ain't bout that life! Brucelee Rolemodel Beast GotmeAndMines
Robzombie type of day..WorkisSlow NeverGonnaStop me ;)
Damnit baby! The little things you do for me makes me appreciate you even more than anything!!!! Mykeeper Shesthebest  Iaintneedgasyettho Soquitit Lol
Letmetakeaselfie Missingmybabes Hurryandcomehome lol Jobhunting
Yingandyang Balance Equality Fiddyfiddy ♥ Soulmate Rp IWantTheSymbolAsaTattoo Tribal Dope
Goodmorning =)~ love waking up every night and morning with my babe besides me! & when she leaves me for work I anticipate to come home from work after a long day.. lol[=
Lol Repost . I never asked for much..but God sent me an angel ;) ILoveHerSo SheAintBuildABitch SheGotsItAll
Checked my email and came across one from my friend. Very sweet!
Lastnight I watched the Solareclipse like what the that a Bloodmoon ? Lol Itwasdope Chillinwithmylady and fam
Qotd Instaquote Goodmorning Lovethis
BlockofOrange BuffaloWildWings yesterday. Doubledate Funnight CaptainAmerica was good. Babygirl ♥♡♥♡♥ MyLove
Repeat ADayToRemember Alternativerock EndofMe HeadingHome Commute to Victorville and Chino. My home? Her heart ♥
IKEA CrazyCatLadyORGANIZER IknowACouplePeople who need this lol on Sunday thee gf said we going to Ikea Lesbianhangout haha
Babygirl Illbuyyoutacos and touch your butt =P
Mother bitch effing fucker. Work CuttingUpShit Ouchie KissMyBooboo babe lol =(
Truestory WorkingTogether to get our apartment. MoValley sounds like a good city to move to. Chino too crazy expensive. Workhardplayhard ILoveMyBabes WeGotThis
Mochi Strawberry BombSki =D
This sushi place has a area where they don't wear shoes.... lol Stankyfeet Nothanks Oldpeople
He kicked my ass at basketball shots and I kicked his ass at airhockey Whenworkisslow Weplayarcade at movies next door Lmfao Brotime niece
8hrbuzz let's see if this works. Jittery Energyshot Snapandshoot whatineed babygirl kept me up lol >:o
♥ babe Itsasurething
Linkinpark type of day Favsong Papercut WorkTime imissmylove Seeyoutonightbabe Wortheverything Iloveyou xoxo
Someone thinks they own this bed. Sleeping all comfy and shit lolol Gfscat Heapunk Camehometothis
AnytimeFitness earlier I beat this bitch up bad had me sweating like crazy lol ChinoHills Punchingbag Boxing
It's like that sometimes. Gym tonight fuck I hate missing my routine. Gettingbackintoit Latenights Nobeersnoalcohol suckyday studentloanswillbethedeathofme sjvcisaripoff going to finish that BA one way or another notquitting
Qotd Soulmate Loveis YouMakeMeFeelHappy babes ♥ AllofMeLovesAllofYou
Haha Gm  CommonCourtesy Babygetsmeshy =P
ItsSunday Damn Whataweekend Ironman Me lol
Beautifulview Sandiego
Our view from the sky lounge at the Marriott 22ndfloor Beautifulview Petcopark Stadium sanpadre
AltitudeSkyLounge with my honey
BowtieDapper Classy AltitudeSkyLounge tonight =) ♥
Lunch with babygirl yummy ! Urbanmos Chickenwings ;)
My Jwowwwwwwzers 0.o Babygirl TheBrassrail lastnight.
Hornblower cruise with dinner soon ♥ Sandiego my baby Iloveyou
Finally in SD with the babes. Drive felt long lol
Dapper waiting on Jenny to get off work =p then it's Sandiego Calvinklein Michaelkors PierreCardin SpecialDay with my honeybuns =)
She bought me Ciroc I bought her Nuvo =P Sandiego today my Birthday is going to be the bombs. Thank you for the birthday wishes family and friends. Xoxo
I came home from work to this on the table. I wonder what's in it 0.o DirtyMind Whatsintherebaby Iloveyou Iappreciateyou you know I love you more than words can explain. Birthdaypresent BirthdayXxX thank you babe. notpeekinguntiltomorrow
Only thing I'll smoke. Ecig ZeroNicotine for both Hookah Apple
You know your girl loves wearing boots when you open the standing drawer and you see boots!! LoL Shesadork Boots Sheabootlover Dontkickmebabe =p
Haha Happythursday  OneMoreDay Excited to get out of town with my love MuchNeeded ;) TeamAries Martin
I share a bed with this punk Mygfscat
Aries Zodiac Truth AprilFourth Bdayweek TeamAries Mars
♥ Iloveyoubabe Myrideordie Sheholdsitdown Makingmebreakfastandshit LoL BaconEggsToast bombdotcom cantwaittokissyou thisweekendisours mybirthday hertreat shesamazing SanDiego
haha AprilFools Repost ItsNotWhaYouThinkBae
Babe made me breakfast before work I love you honey buns Sheisamazing lol =]
Yay haha Gamestop Ps3 Bdaygift Bday NextWeek AriesBaby SanDiego Chillin Hornblower Cruise with my girlfriend ♡ XoXo ShesTheBest Amazing MyPunk
Broshouse Niece  Mygf BBQ familyfun
Parktime Turtles and ducks
Goodafternoon =]
EarthquakebeLike Cali People Shooken lol
Lucy Instadog Cute
Lazybaby Gfscat Ragdoll Sleepy purring chilling waitingformamas
Shopping with babygirl she's cooking dinner tonight and asked me what I wanted lol Chiliverde Yum Hungry Myviewearlier anytimefitness datassbabe ;)
My WCW all the time. Waking up beside you is bliss babes. SheMakesMyHeartGiggly since day one. Happywednesday Humpday =]
Goodnight had a great night with my chick and her fam/friend at Tgif.. Knockinoutpronto Tired Achey musclerelaxers
Dead LOL AnytimeFitness found one close to Chino
Truth Instaquote Happytuesday  Believeinyourself BrightFuture
LAPD Policeofficer Writtentest
♥ Goodmornin Wakingupnexttoyou Bestthingever Cuddles warmth youkeepmewarm babygirlllll xoxo youcandyeyourhairtoday =p
Downtowndisney earlier today with mi honey AMC FreeMovieHookUps Coolios NonStop Suspense GoodMovie TortillaJos
"Oh I'm just being lazy" =] Gfscat Ragdoll
Jenny said "it's girl night..entertain me let me paint your toenails.." lol -.- Imustloveyou if I let you do this!!! O.o Pedi Blue Favcolor
Getaway  Airshow Lacounty Lancaster MetAllHerFam ShesAmazing BlueAngels GreatDay ILoveYouBabes CoolAirplanes ! Tricks
Repeat Fragile TechN9ne
So much on my mind and going through a lot atm.. but going to keep my head up. Got my ride or die beside me. I love you Jenny :*
Thirstythursday TheBlockOfOrange TasTea =) BobaFix
Hamster love type of day Huntingtonbeach bound FV Longhairedsyrian
My Wce ALLDAYERRDAY Mysweetie Swolemate ♥ iloveyoulikeafatkidlovescake
Babygirl Snores Iloveyou though Covermyears LoL on Friday Sleepover Lovespendingtimewithyou youmakemehappy