Dean Blotto Gray


Burton Principal Photographer capturing snowboarding, skateboarding, environment, people, places.
Macro Beauty Frozen World > A clump of growth on a cement wall frozen over Montréal Canada
Macro Beauty iceplant X riding bicycle Sanfrancisco California
Arrival to Switzerland for the Laax Open Snowboarding championships > Nice scenery on the drive to Laax > Beautiful Mountains Village
Cable Car in Laax Switzerland > A good mix of weather so far ... a bit of snow, fog and clouds mixed in with sunshine and watm temps. The Alps are delivering! Laaxopen Blotto
Rhododendron Winter Snowfall Vermont
Crisp winter trees in Wyoming Beautiful Nature Wyoming Snow Cold Seasons
NATURE Beautiful California Mountains
Departing the Burtonusopen via Eagle County Airport provided some amazing views from the Windowseat as I made my way to Denver and the next Snowboarding adventure
Epic drive from Sanfrancisco to Bigbearlake California yesterday. Lots of swirling winds, dust and Weather , making for Beautiful Scenery on the lonely Desert roads
Driving across the Great American West from Laketahoe to Wyoming , roving Thunderstorms all across the region, one minute partly Cloudy , the next minute Downpour , repeat all day, love it
The Great Outdoors With Adobe Norway Traveling from Hemsedal to the west coast, a Beautiful drive any time of year, this happened to be in the springtime
The Great Outdoors With Adobe Mammoth Lakes, California region Easternsierras Landscape Beauty
The Architect - 2016 EyeEm Awards Cerulean Tower reflected Tokyo Japan
The Street Photographer - 2016 EyeEm Awards Oslo Norway Arrival to City Center
Nature's Diversities When summer turns to fall then autumn is consumed by winter > Vermont LastYear Winter Seasons
The Great Outdoors - 2016 EyeEm Awards Vermont Lake Sunset Relaxing
The Great Outdoors - 2016 EyeEm Awards NEW ZEALAND > Spectacular scenery around every corner, this view is from the Treblecone access road near Wanaka in August Fresh On Market 2016
The Essence Of Summer Lake Vermont Greenmountainstate Matt Kruz enjoying the vibes at Waterbury Reservoir
Showcase June
Chefsskateplaza Vermont Summer Skateboarding
The Journey Is The Destination Moving across Colorado USA to Washington State
Adventure Club Skating on a rock just below the surface of this Finnish  lake. Roope Tonteri and I went out to shoot a portrait in the middle of the water, when he decided to pop a couple of ollies! Good Times Skateboarding Finland
Hidden Gems  Inland California Sunrise Rocks California
Colour Of Life Bicyles in the summer, taking a break near the colorful foliage Vermont Bicycle Flowerpedals
Colour Of Life Montana Farm Life Tractor Field Farming Green
Colour Of Life Bicycle scenes, so much to see and enjoy by pedaling in nature and the city BicycleFitness Cycling Photography Color
Colour Of Life Montana USA Foliage Nature
Hiking and Camping in Vermont, so nice! Campon Vermont September
Camp Life > Nature > Early Morning Campvibes Pennsylvania DurableGoods So Fun!!
People And Places Sunset in Vermont, Matthew Robison out on the floating dock Vermont Summer GoodTimes
Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), the famous landmark of the STL skyline. You can take an elevator all the way to the top, providing great views of the city, a nice experience! Gatewayarch Stlouis Landmark
In Tokyo for the week for Guccighost launch in Ginza > rskateboarding around the city with the crew Tokyo Japan Guccighost
Monochrome Photography Castle Valley > Southwest USA > Think old western movies, many of which were filmed in this area Beautiful Natural
Overnight Success Star Gazing in Pennsylvania (USA) while camping with TheGoodLife! collective > Stars reflecting off the perfectly still waters of Promised Land State Park at midnight > Camping Stargazing Tenting DurableGoods
CyclingUnites A Thanksgiving tradition in Burlington Vermont called The Turkey Chase, a Cycling treasure hunt where competitors pedal around the city in search of specific canned food items, first to complete check list is declared winner. All food and proceeds are donated to the local food bank, helping those in need during the holiday season.
CyclingUnites Alley cat racing passion with this cyclist > Community Cycling Vermont
Maximum Closeness Fall season in effect in the northeast United States > Burlington, Vermont > Vermont Macro Photography
Maximum Closeness Fall weather around the northeast United States > Vermont Foliage Sunrise
Maximum Closeness Morning dew Fall Foliage Vermont
The Drive The 'ol water puddle fun along NZ mountain roads! Newzealand Mountainroads Fun Winter Snowboarding
SCAPES: barren desert AZ
Coastal Sun Set / Iceland
Lincoln Memorial
RAMSAY / lake champlain vermont / @water_collection
San Gregario California
Tom Pelly shreddin obstacles in the trees of Keystone / Colorado
LIT #florida