Dave Carter™


Front-End developer based in Barcelona. Passionate about digital & analog photography. Thanks for checking my pics. ENG/ES/CAT
Party hard! Night Crowd IPhoneography
Smile! Portrait Vintage Asian  Love
Tonight moon Moonlight Astronomy
Stockholm by night Night Lights Stockholm Night Streetphotography
The only way is up IPhoneography Blackandwhite Streetphotography Photooftheday
A mi me daban 3 IPhoneography Blackandwhite Streetphotography
Happy new year! Vintage Portrait Hello World My Baby
A room with a view Cityscapes Night Lights Streetphotography
I'm not a flowers guy but... Flower Flower Porn Nature
Stockholm Council at sunset Clouds And Sky Skyporn Sunset Stockholm
Light at the end of the trail Walking Nature On A Hike IPhoneography
I'm not an alvatroz so what? Fresh Air Relaxing IPhoneography
Another late night Studying Teaching The Youth  University
Planchar en verano debería de estar prohibido Blackandwhite Objects Thinking Ironing
Extreme happiness Hanging Out Relaxing My Baby Color Portrait
Un alto en el camino On A Hike El Camino De Santiago IPhoneography Take A Break
Curiosidad Streetphotography Blackandwhite My Baby IPhoneography
Favelas Escaping Walking Around Cityscapes
Nightly city shots Streetphotography Stockholm Night Lights Traveling
Summertime Pyrenees style IPhoneography Nature Vacation Pyrenees
Inicio del camino On A Hike Vacation El Camino De Santiago