Fłūffÿ Alzaria


Hi my name is Anya and I currently live in Wv and in the fall it's a wonderful place to be. My home town is Pyatigorsk, Russia.
So dark yet so bright. Halloween Autumn Fall Tree First Eyeem Photo Parkersburg Sky WV Allyway
Spooktacular. Happy Halloween! WV Sky Parkersburg First Eyeem Photo Tree Fall Autumn Halloween
Open moon... First Eyeem Photo Parkersburg Sky WV
The Moon Tonight WV Sky Autumn Fall Tree Parkersburg First Eyeem Photo
Leaves are leaving WV Autumn Fall Tree Sky
It may not be the best but I still love my art <3 Art Painting Roses Eye
Sunset at the cemetery WV Sunset Parkersburg Hanging Out
Just me
My Painting Roses
Close to my best friend's house WV
Back Ally Is So Pretty WV
West Virginia Fall Time WV First Eyeem Photo