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We all want our time in hell. Notes From The Underground Selfportrait_tuesday_nonchallenge Nature_collection Check This Out Self Portrait Self Portrait Around The World Diary Of A Sick Reality The Hole Story Green Green Green!  Creepy Mobilephotography Smile Fashion Photography Aka Fuck U Lol Fun WTF Nature_perfection Outdoors Hell Green Beauty In Nature (null) From My Point Of View Time Colour Of Life
°/\¡₩@§§° Sigil(1 of 3) Chaosmagick Sigil Aleister Crowley Darkart Art, Drawing, Creativity Occult Sorcery Blancoynegro Blackandwhite Noiretblanc EyeEm Best Edits Eye4photography  Mobilephotography Skulls Time From My Point Of View (null) Alien Check This Out Art Dark Photography Macabre Horror Photography Horror Notes From The Underground
If they come to ethnically cleanse me... Will you speak out? Will you defend me?... Freedom of expression doesn't make it alright... Trampled underfoot by the rise of the right. Ich bin ein Ausländer.  ~ Clinton Darryl Mansell  Streetphotography Street Photography Streetart Street Art Graf Graffiti Graffporn Streetphoto_color Street Art/Graffiti Change Your Perspective Changing The World Taking Photos Check This Out Hello World Trump Jesus Diary Of A Sick Reality Reality Is The Only Word In The Language That Should Always Be Used In Quotes Notes From The Underground Eye4photography  EyeEm Best Edits EyeEm Best Shots Mobilephotography Americana Take The Power Back
The textures involved could tell a story to the blind. The narrator must stress that clear isn't always smooth.. Hard isn't always dead... Slivers never feel like pain until they are created as a reminder of what we touched - what touched us. The knots in the fence made the heart look flat via vivisection of a tree forged to keep some out and others in.... The cracks came with age and weather. Paint doesn't come out of the can cracked or dry... In this case it was a volcanic rain ... Force and ash...heat...wonder....time... A heart doesn't pump dry blood. It cannot be captured by cuts or conquered by blades. It is conditioned by incident and govenerned by pressure...sometimes it is on display even for the blind. From My Point Of View Mobilephotography Peelyporn Peeling Paint Textures And Surfaces Texturestyles Texture Love Heart Green Hanging Out Change Your Perspective Notes From The Underground Poetry Deep Thoughts Deep Eye4photography  EyeEm Best Edits Cracks Beauty Of Decay Urban Geometry Urbanphotography
I'd rather be...I'd rather be with... I'd rather be with an animal. - Eddie Vedder That's Me! Self Portrait Bearded Dragon Lizard Lizard Love Cute Reptile World Pets Of Eyeem Faces Of EyeEm Hello World Self Portrait Around The World Selfportrait_tuesday_nonchallenge Annunaki STAY HUMAN 💯 Check This Out Mobilephotography Getting In Touch Enjoying Life Animal_collection Human Condition Two Legs Bad, Four Legs Good
Jaded, faded, thought brigaded loved at once yet often hated. Sentiment eviscerated, dug up bones were desecrated.... Strive to reconnect the brain, glory lost but.. Oh so sane... After death we still feel pain? A pride-scab scar....A human stain..... Everytime we die inside new holes form where old thoughts hide. Try to take the day in stride .. We said we're fine but probably lied..... Now another docile slave...Take the pills and just behave..Let go of that...that need you crave... Remains - set in an unmarked grave. Reality Is The Only Word In The Language That Should Always Be Used In Quotes Darkart Dark Photography Dark Darkness And Light Art, Drawing, Creativity Blancoynegro Blackandwhite Noiretblanc Poetry Skulls Skeleton Death Bnw_collection EyeEm Best Shots - Black + White Eye4photography  Notes From The Underground STAY HUMAN 💯 Looking To The Other Side
There's a form of comfort that I never knew before... A final note to put upon a seldom finished score. A breath of life removed a knife which twisted in my soul. A softness where I lay my head when nowhere is to go. A calmness reached from stars aligned and crossroads made not met. A luck of no coincidence because I waged no bet. A craving born necessity has spliced the end and made a start which would bring out the best in me. That being - supreme immortal art. Transitioned noise, a sleepy voice, a lullaby encompassed hug.... A star dissolved in shining eyes.... A more than perfect love-laced drug. Enjoying Life Notes From The Underground Love ♥ Abandoned Randomosity Mobilephotography Check This Out Poetry Heart Art, Drawing, Creativity Human Condition Eye4photography  EyeEm Best Edits Simple Photography Simplicity Minimalism Emotions A-musing
°P@N|}€MØNÆØN° Sigil(3 of 3) Chaosmagick Sigil Notes From The Underground Flower From My Point Of View (null) Check This Out Darkart Manipulation Mobilephotography Flowerporn Alien Sorcery Art, Drawing, Creativity EyeEm Best Edits Occult Eye4photography  Beauty In Nature Visual Statements Psychedelic People Watching Fleurs Unity Nature Abstract
"Things are going to slide.... Slide in all directions  Won't be nothing.... Nothing you can measure anymore.   The blizzard.... The blizzard of the world has crossed the threshold and has overturned  the order of the soul.  When they said *repent* *repent*   .... I wonder what they meant" ~Leonard Cohen  Abstract Mobilephotography Abstractart EyeEm Best Edits Purple Notes From The Underground Abstracters_anonymous Abstractporn Underwear😈 Why So Serious? Cosmic Check This Out Eye4photography  Psychedelic Art, Drawing, Creativity From My Point Of View Darkart Visual Statements Manipulation
The joy of life consists in the exercise of one's energies, continual growth, constant change, the enjoyment of every new experience. To stop means simply to die. The eternal mistake of mankind is to set up an attainable ideal. ~ Aleister Crowley  Enjoying Life Taking Photos Streetphotography Streetart Streetphoto_color Street Art/Graffiti Art, Drawing, Creativity Art Notes From The Underground Change Your Perspective Mobilephotography EyeEm Best Edits Eye4photography  Melancholy Diary Of A Sick Reality Deep Thoughts City Life
Brave the cold to guard your eggs... Anchored predatory legs... Dodge the heat - yet incubate... Never sleeping solemn fate... Shadowed giants passing by... Stroller wheels and baby's cry... Time goes slow.. Or so it seems... Till hundreds of the spiders' screams... Of all kept safe inside the sac... None of them are coming back... None know of their mother's name... Mother knows them just the same... Many die within the day... Young.. Yet on their only way... Some will thrive like killer mom... Brave the heat, the cold - Grow strong. EyeEm Best Edits EyeEm Nature Lover Poetry Spider Spiders Eye4photography  Check This Out Change Your Perspective Notes From The Underground Streetphotography Mobilephotography Insect Photography Arachnid Photography Nature_collection Beauty In Nature Solitude Hanging Out Nature Streetphoto_color From My Point Of View
I am not a demon. I am a lizard, a shark, a heat-seeking panther. I want to be Bob Denver on acid playing the accordion. - Nicholas Cage  Reality Is The Only Word In The Language That Should Always Be Used In Quotes Notes From The Underground Acid LOL! That's Me! Faces Of EyeEm Self Portrait Nicholascage Check This Out Passion For Edits Eye4photography  Reflection Reflected Glory Mobilephotography WTF Humor Hello World EyeEm Best Edits Taking Photos Enjoying Life Cheese! Darkart Creepy Reflection_collection Edit
We may look at our glass and assume it was broken from the outside in..Broken by another...Struck with the brute force to make endless mirrors...a shattered carapice to show a hollow inner shell cracked under pressure ..A myriad of shining sources..Jagged....Created by fissures and chips..... The mistake is lacking the realization of pressure breaking from the core to the outer shield...A crack in the heart which petrified the mind until it burst...Many faces and perspectives show shards gleaming through the blackest shadow...hanging on to any slight refraction of light... We find our broken inner self reflecting what we see and we make sure to be sharp. The break was so quick and so are we to cut the others that touch our fractured soul... Clinging and dwelling like a mosaic that spuriosly wishes to be sanded down to be made whole and smoothed over time... yet.... We were never whole... Made of many makers..Tempered by many heated experiences..Puzzled with too many pieces- Serrated smithereens ready to be governed by the tongue of another who breathes part of us into their mouth - forever guided by a passionate bloody kiss. Light And Shadow Human Condition Shadows Reflection_collection Blancoynegro Eye4photography  Blackandwhite Photography EyeEm Best Edits Notes From The Underground Blackandwhite Noiretblanc Darkart Self Portrait Black And White Collection  Bnw Bnw_collection Faces Of EyeEm Art, Drawing, Creativity Love Mobilephotography That's Me STAY HUMAN 💯 EyeEm Best Shots - Black + White Dark Dark Photography
°|\/|@@T° Sigil(2 of 3) Chaosmagick Sigil Darkart Occult Beauty In Nature Flower Flowerporn Time (null) Art, Drawing, Creativity Fleurs EyeEm Best Edits Mobilephotography Check This Out Nature Art Fragility From My Point Of View Sorcery Alien Abstractporn Flowers_collection Manipulation Notes From The Underground Abstractart
Here's a quick story I have to tell about a couple of peeps we don't know so well because one is the self and the other is the self and sometimes they treat each eachother like eachother's someone else. One says they're a demon which the other claims a saint and they don't know who is what but they know just who they ain't. They agree in public places and conform to a society - but once at home they're facesless and they bust their solidarity. They're  often stuck alone and then they call it introspective yet they lack the possibility to ever be objective. They think they'll be completed by another of their kind, they wish that 2+1 is 1 but 4 is what they find. The selves soon learn their biggest enemy is them combined.. Yet after skin and soul came off they share a single mind. They are the only crew that speaks the truth on their behalf and just like birth they'll die alone... There is no other path. They are the best they'll ever have so they better get along. They need to see that they don't need another to be strong. They need to simply be a force that unified maintain a sense of when to role the dice together in life's game. Notes From The Underground Diary Of A Sick Reality Colour Of Life Selfportrait_tuesday_nonchallenge Self Portrait Around The World People Watching Getting In Touch Check This Out Mobilephotography Streetphotography Streetart Streetphoto_color Graf Graffitiporn Streetart/graffiti Deep Thoughts Poetry Psychedelic Art, Drawing, Creativity EyeEm Best Edits EyeEm Best Shots Eye4photography  Change Your Perspective Unity Reality Is The Only Word In The Language That Should Always Be Used In Quotes
Discarded rainbow rolled into oblivion. Striking down the darkness doesn't mean that there is light again. Taking out the light will never make the color gone. Doing all things right can never absolve all the wrong. In between the lines - the only space we're supposed to go.. Yet some of us [outside the box] is all we grew to know.  Many times the sights we see in mind pulls different hue. The thing you think your thoughts with is exclusively for you. To disregard that fact will make a narcissist for sure. The black and white will overhaul the vibrant color blur. It may not be the way things are..the rainbow that you see... would soon be sold for pots of gold straight out tha factory. Rainbow Abandoned Abandoned Randomosity Change Your Perspective Notes From The Underground Crayons Cup Mobliephotography Colorful Melancholy From My Point Of View Poetry Eye4photography  EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Best Edits Spill Drink Last Drink, I Promise
°©]-[0¡c€$° Walking Around Enjoying The Sun Guns Weed Shopping Time Lol :) Street Streetphotography Mobilephotography MOTA Cannabis Change Your Perspective Americana Notes From The Underground Choices Streetphoto_color Signs Signs Everywhere Signs Productplacement Freedom The Times They Are A'changing City Life Green The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) Eye4photography
A candle projects 12.57 lumens... The LUX of the sun is approximately 98k... This doesn't mean 7.8 k candles are equivalent to the sun because they won't physically fit into the same area of measurement criteria. How many lumens does an aura expel? How many does an orb or ectoplasm? How many lumens does the white light at the end of our existence give off when our brain discovers our impending doom and relies on DMT to produce an interruption because we simply aren't built to handle death?.... No one would measure these things. No one measures the truth and what angle it comes out at or the reach, it's density, the apogee of it's enlightenment or pain. No one except a multiverse that we assume holds definition of limit based on our inability to comprehend the actuality of a percieved universal will brought upon us by our own definition of it's opposition.... That doesn't mean the truth won't infect us or affect us... It just means our naivety, morality, adaptation and perception are limited to a qualifying common registry of it's description and that we can recognize deception - yet may not label it correctly. It does mean that 1 truth is equivalent to 2 - 98k + truths... What we can fit into the same area... We will 93/93 Notes From The Underground Darkart Chaosmagick Eye4photography  Truth From My Point Of View EyeEm Best Edits Skulls Light And Shadow Mobilephotography Skeleton Dark Photography Darkness And Light Art, Drawing, Creativity Dark Energy Flame Candle Light In The Darkness Deep Deep Thoughts Light Sigil Melting Wax Occult
°T€@Г§ ¤f +hé $μ|\|° Looking To The Other Side Looking Out My Back Door Sky_collection Sun Mobilephotography Sonne Solitide Notes From The Underground Art, Drawing, Creativity Art And Craft Skyporn Eye4photography  EyeEm Best Edits Skylovers. Lookingup Light And Shadow Taking Photos Check This Out Human Condition