Norman Ma


Sydney-based street photographer, software developer, blogger and food fanatic.
Panel geometry. Architecture Urban Geometry Geometric Shapes
Pristine supermarket shelves on opening day. Supermarket Repetition
Architectural forms, SoMa, San Francisco. Architecture Skyscraper San Francisco Low Angle View Black & White Urban Geometry
Almond flower. Cafe Culture Almonds
Crossed cables. Found Object Cables IPhoneography Priime Abstractions In Colors
The IKEA sunset. Light And Shadow
Fun day at the carnival, Centennial Park, Sydney. Carnival Black & White
Wall vines, Brewristas, Glebe. Vines Wall IPhoneography
Self-portrait in summer. Self Portrait Black And White IPhoneography
Storm clouds over Sydney. Black And White Storm Clouds Sydney IPhoneography
Rusted frame in backyard, Surry Hills, Sydney. Rust Geometric Shapes Urban Geometry Light And Shadow IPhoneography
Sunday morning cafe relaxation. Cafe Time Timex Watch Just Chillin'
Kite and plane, Festival of the Winds, Bondi Beach, Sydney. Sydney Kite Flying A Kite Priime
Lobster roll, Waterman's, Potts Point. Food Porn Sydney Food Photography Open Edit
Musical internals, Surry Hills, Sydney. Sydney Piano Vintage Open Edit
Mirror tower. Sydney Reflection Skyline Priime IPhoneography
Overlooking Lake George, between Sydney and Canberra. Landscape Open Edit Clouds And Sky
Window reflections in Newtown, Sydney. Streetphotography Priime Reflection
Had way too much fun at The Global EyeEm Adventure meetup in Sydney - can't wait until the next adventure! The Global EyeEm Adventure Open Edit EEA3 - Sydney EEA3 The Global EyeEm Adventure 3
Out to sea. The Global EyeEm Adventure Open Edit EEA3 - Sydney EEA3
Sandstone textures, Bare Island, La Perouse. The Global EyeEm Adventure EEA3 - Sydney Open Edit EyeEm Best Shots Seaside
Photography on the edge, Henry Head, Botany Bay National Park. Sydney The Global EyeEm Adventure EEA3 - Sydney Taking Photos Open Edit
Exploring Henry Head, part of the Global EyeEm Adventure Sydney photo walk. The Global EyeEm Adventure EEA3 - Sydney Sydney Open Edit
Playing at Bare Island, La Perouse. EEA3 - Sydney Open Edit
Meeting place for the Sydney leg of the Global EyeEm Adventure! EEA3 - Sydney Open Edit IPhoneography
Sunset over Central Park, Sydney. Sydney Sunset Open Edit Silhouette Sunset Silhouettes
Saturday morning, with home-made sandwich cake. Homemade Breakfast Open Edit
Scouting out one of the next Global EyeEm Adventure sites. EEA3 - Sydney
Market fresh green beans. Going To Market Fresh Produce Priime
Discovering Parliament at King, Erskineville. Sydney Streetphotography Cafe Time Open Edit
Speed limit, La Perouse. Sydney Streetphotography On The Road Open Edit IPhoneography
Blue. Sydney Ocean Open Edit
Running Sydney. Sydney Streetphotography Light And Shadow Open Edit Monochrome IPhoneography
Rain drops on metal, Central Park, Sydney. Sydney Streetphotography Raindrops Abstract Open Edit IPhoneography Iphone 6
Deflated, Wednesday morning. Streetphotography Found Object IPhoneography Priime
Ceiling mounted chair art. Abstract Open Edit IPhoneography
Beneath the coloured balls, Macquarie Centre. Sydney Streetphotography Open Edit IPhoneography
At Blacksmith Café, Surry Hills, Sydney. Brunch Around The World Open Edit Foodporn Breakfast
Escaping a flash storm, George St, Sydney. Streetphotography Rain Open Edit IPhoneography
Through the bus window. Abstract Raindrops Through The Window Open Edit IPhoneography
Eucalyptus knot, Lane Cove. Priime IPhoneography Nature Nature Textures
Sculpture over Central Park, Sydney. Sydney Priime Abstract
Sunflower. Open Edit Sunflower Flowers,Plants & Garden
Kid playing in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney. Sydney Streetphotography Open Edit IPhoneography Iphone 6 Enjoying Life
Rain on leaf stems, Cherrybrook. Open Edit Nature Rainy Days Blackandwhite Raindrops IPhoneography Iphone6
Delicate repair operations. Open Edit Repairs Electronics
Ice cubes in cold drip coffee on a Sunday morning. Coffee Blackandwhite Monochrome Open Edit Cafe Ice Cubes
Incense detail, Po Lin Monastery, Hong Kong. Hong Kong Incense Blackandwhite
Spinning rides at the Atlassian Family and Friends Day, Moore Park, Sydney. Carnival Amusement Park Having Fun Open Edit Life In Motion
Lightning over Victoria Park, Ultimo. Lightning Blackandwhite Streetphotography Moody IPhoneography