Dani Girl


I'm just a girl who likes snapping pics of pretty much everything! No fancy camera or neat skills, just a cell phone & an appreciation for beauty...
Grasshopper. No People Outdoors Close-up Nature Mission Viejo CA Beauty In Nature Nature Insects Fragility Green
Purple Flower Beauty In Nature Outdoors Mission Viejo CA
Flower Head Green Color Close-up Blooming Flower Growth Nature Red Color Yellow Color Snowflake Shape EyeEmNewHere
Beauty In Nature Flowerpower Nature Flower Growth Freshness Outdoors Blossom Nature Nighttime EyeEmNewHere
purple white Flower Head Pollen Coneflower Osteospermum Flower Beauty In Nature Close-up Day EyeEmNewHere
Blooming White Yellow Flowers Springtime Pink Color Multi Colored Beauty In Nature smile happy sweet cute EyeEmNewHere
Two of a Kind Twins Happy Yellow n White Fun Fluffy Petite Abundant EyeEmNewHere
Yellow Flower Life Bunches Sweet Beauty Yard flower garden Cheer Uplifting Spirit Positivity EyeEmNewHere
Sweet Sunny Feminine Happy Dainty Flowers Springtime EyeEmNewHere
White Color Plant Flower Close-up Blossom Freshness Flowerpower Multi Colored No People EyeEmNewHere
Simplicity. Flower Petal Close-up Beauty In Nature Springtime WaterWhite Color Outdoors Freshness Fragility Flower Head No People Blossom Nature Growth Stamen Plant Day Black Background Multi Colored Nighttime EyeEmNewHere
Positivity Multi Colored No People Red Color Yellow Color Green Color Indoors  Insightful Enlighten EyeEmNewHere
Light the way
Tah-dah Nighttime Close-up Nature Fragility Snail Photography Snail ❤ EyeEmNewHere
Mmm Good
Munching Snail Photography Fragility Close-up Multi Colored Nighttime Snail ❤ Green Color No People Nature Insects Showoff Snail Nature Night Time EyeEmNewHere
Showing off
Sassy snail
morning dew drops
waking up
Perfection Beauty In Nature Springtime No People Nighttime Waterdrops Close-up EyeEmNewHere
joy dog happy puppy Charlie
a moment...
Do you see what EYE see?
Dog animal lover pets friends Dauchshund-beagle my best guy best friend codependent unconditional love adopted boy my favorite crazee about my Jaxxon EyeEmNewHere
Lily Lively Multi Colored Indoors  Flowerpower Springtime Blossom Pink Color Pollen Beauty In Nature EyeEmNewHere First Eyeem Photo