Kate Allison


I shy away from expressing my feelings verbally and end up writing it all down. And it's true. There is nothing to writing, all you do is take pen and paper and bleed.
It's been exactly 12 years since 5 year old Kate excitedly pressed her little hand on the plaster.
I got my eyes on you.
The cow's not afraid to Baretheforehead
Alerto 24/7
Ortigas traffic
In the midst of my mess, You saved me and made me whole.
Good morning! From my little fur ball of sunshine and happiness 😊 Stopyulin2015
Sunsets would always be my favorite. It goes to show that after a long day of blank stares and shuffling around, you get to close your eyes from all the craziness to rest and just forget, even for a while.
Capitol Commons
Music without the lyrics
The ever gentle, yellow labrador.
artsy fartsy
The face that launched a thousand cuddles