In a tireless pursuit to capture scenic photos. I use an iPhone 5C and a Canon Rebel T5.
Organic Goji Berries Food Foodphotography
Lemon Food Foodphotography
Cloudy turmoil Clouds Sky Nature
Leon and his chew toy Animals Cats
Shadows on the Snow Winter Nature
Sunrise in the Desert
Another view of the Golden Gate IPhoneography San Francisco Throwback
Snow on grass Winter Snow
Thorny Plant Nature Plants
March crocus Flowers Spring
Water crashing against the rocks IPhoneography IPhone
Muir Woods in San Francisco California Nature_collection EyeEm Nature Lover Nature Photography Forest Woods Nature
What a view Golden Gate Bridge California San Francisco Architecture Bridge Bridges Water City
A Gated View Golden Gate Bridge California San Francisco Bridge Bridgeporn Architecture Architecture_collection
Half Moon Bay near Monterey, California Water Scenic Ocean Ocean View California IPhoneography
Lighthouse at Pigeon Point in Pescadero California California Light Lighthouse Architecture Architecture_collection IPhoneography IPhone
North Beach in San Francisco City City Life Streetphotography IPhoneography IPhone San Francisco California Architecture Building Buildings
Top of the Golden Gate Bridge City San Francisco Landscape_photography California California Love Bridge Architecture Architecture_collection
City Shadows City People Urban San Francisco California City Life Shadow Light And Shadow IPhoneography
In the City City City Life Urban San Francisco California IPhoneography IPhone
Financial district Blackandwhite Black And White Black & White Architecture Building San Francisco California City
Financial District City San Francisco California Building Buildings Building Exterior Architecture Architecture_collection IPhoneography
Fall is on the ground Fall_collection Autumn Nature Nature_collection Leaves IPhoneography
Natural Light Chihuahua IPhoneography
Reservoir in northern Colorado Water Nature Vista Landscape Landscape_photography Landscape_Collection Lovely Weather
A kitten named Leon Cat Animals Cute Pets EyeEm
An Autumn View Fall Fall Beauty Fall_collection Fall Colors
Nothing like Vinyl records. Music Vintage Oldschool Cool
Clouds in the Sky Clouds Clouds And Sky Sky Skyporn
Stormy California Hills Roadtrip Weather Storm Rain IPhoneography
Learn & Shoot: Single Light Source Reupload Fresh, organic Roma Tomatoes
Learn & Shoot: Single Light Source ice cream sandwich Mmm Food IPhoneography Natural Light
Hibiscus Flowers Nature Yellow Nature_collection EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEm
Foggy Weather California Nature Hills Taking Photos
Rolling hills of Santa Clarita Fog Weather Nature Hills California
Orange Kitty Cat Nature Animals
Performer on the Santa Monica Pier Blackandwhite Vscocam California Streetphotography Streetphoto_bw Portrait
Beautiful Santa Monica Beach last Wednesday. Beachphotography Landscape Landscape_Collection Landscape_photography Beach Life Beach Photography Water California
Coiled Shell Fibonacci Snail Nature
Green River Nature Landscape Sunrise Utah
Sunrise Utah Skyporn
Utah Sunrise EyeEm Nature Lover
More from Santa Monica California Trees Sky Blackandwhite Vscocam
Santa Monica Pier Birds Beach California
California Sunset Roadtrip USA Sky
Scenic View in Canyon Country Santa Clarita Hills California Losangeles Nature IPhoneography
Ripple Water Water_collection Reflection Nature Splash
Fibonacci Spiral Nature Nature Collection Blackandwhite
Late Summer Fern Leaves Plants EyeEm Nature Lover Nature_collection Nature
I call this...Moss Rock Nature Nature_collection EyeEm Nature Lover Macro Texture
Service Animals CAM the Ram no. 24 always enjoyed being the center of attention. Farewell, friend!
Leaves and Water Blackandwhite
Scotty Glitch Portrait Telephoto
Hi Moonpie! Hi! Dogs Animals Cute Pets Glitch
Nature Flowers
Chicken O'Malley Animals Rural Farm
EyeEm Nature Lover Flowers Nature Photography IPhoneography
Million gold Flowers IPhoneography Vscocam
Golden Hour IPhoneography Flowers
Osteospermum Voltage White Flowers Late Summer Colorado IPhoneography Vscocam
Cup of Joe Coffee At Home Morning Blackandwhite
Urban Geometry Blackandwhite Architecture VSCO Minimalism Minimalobsession
Caffeine in the wild Coffee Time Coffee At Home
Pretty Flowers Nature Nature_collection
Chameleon Reptiles Cool wazzup Nineties Slang IPhoneography
Coffee At Home Morning
Another Cool Chicken. Animals Rural Rustic
A Horse named Diego. Animals Beautiful Farm Barn
Also met a Gorgeous Horse Animal named Diego 🐴 Rural Farm
Hanging Out met a tawny-colored chicken earlier today. Rustic Farm Rural Animals Chickens
Some nice Roma Tomatoes Yummy Foodphotography
Tubular shot, bro! Just a quick Edit I did with Enlightapp
Purple and in charge. Reptiles Pets Cool IPhoneography
Angel Fish Water Aquarium Underwater IPhoneography Reupload
Reptiles Nature cold-blooded Hydra Cool Lizard IPhoneography
Red Rocks  Live Music What I Value Colorado This is an old pic I snapped in 2010 as I eagerly awaited seeing Alice in Chains and Deftones perform. Nature For The Love Of Music Edge Of The World
Rory stalking her prey Cat EyeEm Nature Lover Animals Eyes
Mmm Coffee Caffeine Morning Coffee At Home
Bring forth the Dogs of War ! Greenery Animals Lightroom
Analogue Vinyl Vintage Music
Analogue Music The Clash What I Value
Vintage Vinyl The Clash Classic Enlight What I Value my favorite record - London Calling by The Clash
TheClash Classic London Calling Vinyl Vinyl Records Vintage What I Value
1960s Tube Amp Oldschool Vintage Music
Wyoming sky. Edited with Enlight Sky MidWest On The Road
Cropped Big Brother Security Surveillance Blackandwhite Ominous
IPhoneography Eyem Nature Lovers  Taking Photos Urban Gardening
One of my favorite Photos of the ever Photogenic  Rory Cat Animal
What I Value Music Guitar Sound Fender Music, especially rock, is one of the best reason for me to wake up everyday.
What I Value Stereo Music Audiophile Sound Vintage Vinyl Records a Voice of Music tube amp stereo (early 60s)
My Dog Mose. Cute Pets Animals Hanging Out Cheese!
Bees Nature EyeEm Nature Lover Naturelovers Urban Gardening
Bee Bugs Nature Urban Gardening
TreePorn Trees Tree Bark Texture Pattern Nature Vintage
Flowerporn Flowers Urban Gardening Nature Pretty
Flowers Urban Gardening Nature
Flowerporn Flowers Nature September is lookin Pretty
Flowers Zinnia  Nature Urban Gardening EyeEm Nature Lover
It's Me Hi! Selfportrait Self Portrait Around The World Colorado Summer