Cassandra May


"Happiness is never stopping to think if you are" Thursdayselfie Happy
My first fracture. Ankle bone.
I don't wanna be a bum :(
Fun night passing out candy Happyhalloween
My life right now :(
My new google chrome theme Loveit
What are friends?
My baby gave me this for christmas!
Christmas decorations are going up now!
Looking for the day I'll be fine. Waiting for the time when life will give me a break. Patiently hoping things will be alright. I don't want to hurt. I don't want you to feel pain. I want to stop faking my smile behind this facade I've created for the world.
Just a few things I got from the family.
This is what happens to my hair when its been in a bun too long when wet. :/
Out. Bye.
PizzaVille Bejealous
Easy work day. Hi.
I so badly want this watch&bracelet combo...but I probably won't get it from anyone.
Betty boop perfume! I love my parents!
I feel ya @carlaann93 Scrub4l
I'm loving this cute teddy <3
Sexi can I ;)
Sitting in theater for the 10:15 showing of Breakingdawnpart2
Nails done Again
Now that's what I call red.
Dyed hair. I like. K
Asshole. Stop going exactly the speed limit. Noone deos that.
Here we go.
This is fun. Me sitting while everyone bowls.
I miss you Grandpa Tattoo Cancer Honor Heaven
I'm going out when I'm not supposed to Badass
Happy early birthday to me from me <3 Victoriasecret
So shitty outside on such a warm day :(
Cleaning ugh.
I finally got my books for this semester! Soready College Cantwait
New nails!
And twitter/instagram
All I want for Christmas is you babe <3
The birthday girl and me <3
His sweaters Warm Comfort Love
& happy thanksgiving everyone.
I love my new lip gloss Weirdo Girlygirl Pink
Thank you grandma <3
Errands to run in town
I need to shower but I'm being lazy af
New jacket and new handmade scarf from my sister <3 Birthdaygifts
My awesome parallel parking job :)