Forgetting the self, remembering the universe. All photos taken and edited with an iPhone except if stated otherwise.
A walk in the Jacaranda purple flowers in Dulwich Hill, Sydney. Spring time Walking Around Sydney ProCamera 8 Outdoors People Watching
Up the Stairs at Applestore in Sydney / with ProCamera 8
Bay Run track in Drummoyne, in inner suburbs of Sydney Sunshine Iphone 5 Walking
Pedestrian bridge in the inner west of Sydney Vanishing Point Walkway IPhone5
A busker and his dogs compete for attention with people's smartphones. Tough life. Streetphotography People Watching Street Sydney
A grey old day with heavy Clouds in Sydney today. Cityscapes Black And White
Pirots on patrol in the Sydney suburb of Woollahra Fashion Hats
A fan enjoys the Pixies live at Sydney Opera House. Concert Fans Light And Shadow Silhouette
Antony Gormley Sculpture as part of his work Inner Australia, at Lake Ballard in Western Australia Art Landscape
Outdoor Chairs outside factory in Summer Hill, in Sydney , in Black And White using Procamera app and VSCOcam app, with an iPhone 5 camera.
NSW fireys relax on a sunny Sydney morning at Iron Cove. Using ProCamera7 and VSCO cam apps and an iPhone5 camera. Relaxing People Watching Outdoors
Ashfield in Sydney walking in Street Streetphotography
Waiting for the Public Transportation train. Sydney Central Station. Commuting Peoplephotography
Lewisham train station on a Cloudy Day in Sydney . VividHDR app, iPhone5 camera. Commuting Public Transportation
Trying out new EyeEm filter Leonie Filter while enjoying Soaking Up The Sun Outdoors in Sydney This is Iron Cove.
Boats in Iron Cove, Sydney using ProCamera 7 app and iPhone5. Enjoying The Sun
Iron Cove in Sydney. ProCamera7 app, iPhone5 camera. Hanging Out Relaxing Boats Water
Cadillac King is dead. Long live ... Taking Photos Abandonedbuilding Abandoned Warehouse Graffiti
Nice day in Sydney to walk the dogs. Dogwalking Soaking Up The Sun Walking Around Exercising
Underground walkway to St James railway station in Sydney, Australia. ProCamera7 and Camera+ apps, iPhone5 camera. Notes From The Underground Commuting Subway
Goods railway line near Sydney airport. ProCamera7 app, iPhone 5 camera. Enjoying The Sun Fresh Air Railway Rail
Stand for Land Oxfam campaign. Back off, sugar companies. Stand For Land Fromwhereistand Hanging Out Taking Photos
Along Cooks River cycleway, Sydney. Excercising Walking Around Biking People Watching
I see a Rothko. Summer Hill, in Sydney's inner west. Art Walking Checking In
Amalfi Coast, Italy. Tilt Shift Generator 2 app, iPhone5 Taking Photos Travel Enjoying The Sun
Dave. A copy of the Michelangelo masterpiece in Piazza della Signoria. Florence Sculture Art Travel
Giant snail as part of ArtandAbout festival in Sydney, Australia. Taking Photos Artsy Art
Hanging Out Enjoying The Sun Taking Photos
Hanging Out Enjoying The Sun Taking Photos Fresh Air
Hanging Out Taking Photos Fresh Air I Love Gelato
Hanging Out Taking Photos Fresh Air
Planespotting At The Airport At The Terminal Planes Trains Automobiles
Taking Photos
Power Lines
Relaxing Horse Riding Fresh Air
Relaxing Enjoying The Sun Fresh Air
Two Of A Kind
Relaxing Enjoying The Sun Meditating Fresh Air
Relaxing Biking Fresh Air
Hanging Out Taking Photos Fresh Air
Hanging Out
Fresh Air
Enjoying The Sun
Enjoying The Sun
Bye Bye
Enjoying The Sun
Window Shopping