Lisa Simmonds


All are my own photo's!! Whatever takes my fancy!! Enjoy!❤
John With Willow, His Baby Girl!!
Taking Photo's Out And About.
Flying High. Sunset Over A Different Country!
Sleeping In On A Saturday Morning!!
What Are You Listening To?
Spider In My Garden!!
Taking Photos
Beetle On Netball Court!
Tree Bark, Moss!! Nature And Lots Of Rain!!
Taking Photos
#sunset #sun #clouds #skylovers #sky #nature #beautifulinnature #naturalbeauty #photography #landscape
Holiday In Fiji
Holiday In Fiji
Taking Photos
Dreaming Of Holiday In Fiji, Wish I Was There!! #sand#sea#sun
Giant Ant!!
The Old And The New!!
Hanging Out Dinosaur!!
More Rain, Wet Season Is Here!!
Quick Take
This Is Where They Had A Metal Ammo Rail To Load Massive Big Guns In A Fort Up The Brisbane River!! History
Taking Photos
On my way out had to stop and take this with my phone!! It was one wet day!! #cloudporn #storm #rain #wet
Love It Or Leave It!! #aussie#ute#proud#australian
Baby Carpet Python(snake)
Hairy Caterpillar! #nature#garden#macro
Rain Drops! #nature#water#leaf
Light light up your way!! #tunnel #lights #black&white
Long steps ahead!! #blackandwhite
Niagara Falls in Black & White!!
Hairy Caterpillar!
Lady beetle trapped on the sea!!!
Lime Green Jumping spider!!
Flowers in my garden, Jasmine!! Smells beautiful!!
Baby Carpet Python curled up on my front Lawn
Orning Macchiato!! #coffee
Taking Photos
Taking Photos
Taking Photos
Localized flooding, photo op for me!!
Cairo my Siamese helping me do Book work!!
City Life
Art Work On Outside Of City Building
Bike Around The City
Brisbane City Town Hall!!
Long Stairway to Shopping!!!
Public Transport
Taking Photos
Old Treasury Building
Bird In Park
Holiday In Fiji
Massive Australian Flag!!
Not Everything Is Clear!!
Girls Out To Lunch
Mackenzie And Rhiannon Enjoying The Snow
Taking Photos
Welcome Home Mackenzie
Harper Cooling Off The Only Way He Knows How!!
Sister's And Brother
Welcome Home Mackenzie
Wish I was there now!!
Clouds And Sky
My Boys Ready For Sleep!! My Bed!!
Taking Photos
Book Display B&W!!
Early Morning Rain
My Favourite Colour
Beautiful Bark
Beautiful Bark
Taking Photos
Holiday In Fiji
Watching Daniel In Skyfall
Movie Time
Beautiful Sunset
Lovin My New Toy
Street Light
Taking Photos
Making Money
Check This Out
Vegemite & butter on toast with a great coffee!! A brekky in Australia!!
Enjoying Life
Taking Photos
Taking Photos
Taking Photos
Wild Flowers
Enjoying The View
Wild Flowers
Taking Photos
Xmas Lunch