Courtney Lafrance


Dear Kitty. I miss you and I love you.. R.I.P Babe.. ❤❤
Give me a hug. Please.. ♥♥ KittyHug
Half is better then nothing! Love it, or leave it. @sensfan1599
What an accident!
My only babe left! :'( I love you!
Black and white is always the way!! Blackandwhite
I love you @sensfan1599 ❤❤
Love is a good thing to to have!
I never though That the one I love would be so far away! But I still love him anyways. I will get to see him soon then I think!! I love you @sensfan1599 ❤❤ I can't wait until school starts. See you soon! ❤??
Life will be the same again!!
I never regret meeting you! I love you!! @sensfan1599
The kitty is falling asleep on my hip. I am going to squash my little kitty!
Like for rate.
I am feeling beautiful! SmileAndGoodWillComeYourWay
Storys are Storys.
Like for a to be honest!
In the car with @maya_box and Emma walker on the way to the movie. Had a blast night last. Thanks girls. Miss you already.
Doing my hair to hang with friends. Can't wait! @maya_box
What does it look like?
Never look away from what's important. NeverLetYourGardDownInTheEnd
Never Judge me! SmileAndGoodWillComeYourWay
Long distance relationships look easy, When really they are not!! SmileAndGoodWillComeYourWay
You are my Colors!! Hehe Colors
Doing wood with my daddy...
Never run away!
I will hold you and never let go. I will love you and never stop loving you. I will think of you and I will not stop thinking of you. You are my everything. You are the one I think of before I got to bed. You are the one I think of when I wake up. You are my stars and the moon at night. You are my sun and cloud during the day. If you where gone. I would be gone to. I love you now and forever. Don't let anyone tell you diffrently. SmileAndGoodWillComeYourWay IWillLoveYouUntilTheEndBabe Youaremyeverything Mylove MyLoveForYouIs Unbreakable
Never let your life take a flight! You always take the flight of life. SmileAndGoodWillComeYourWay
Nicole and I at the library. @nickeynickey9door
Beauty it's not what's on the outside, It's what's on the inside that counts! SmileAndGoodWillComeYourWay NoOneCanChangeWhoYouAre YouAreUniqueAndBeautiful
Having a great life. SmileAndGoodWillComeYourWay
My brother and sister in the pool! SmileAndGoodWillComeYourWay
Never love again.
Awe. :'(
Yupp. Lol.
My brother Spencer wearing a mustache!
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