follow for follow and my instagram is lobster123 had to put that bc thats the only name my parents dont know and i dont want them following me
My Mo For Movember
Follow me on istagram it lobster2173
Went to hollow scream last night with me best friend . it was cool but my hair got a mess from going on all the ride . yea it was funny when a went throught the honted house and some creppy clow guy ga ve me a high five
Hiding behide the shadows dont hide the future
The heavens are on the others side to bad its not time to say hi to them 😂
The best time of night
I got a kiss on my lips for my man and no one else
I like having my phone bigger then other ppls bc then i can hide my face be hind it
Theres my kiss / duck face to the world
Want a kiss ?? 😉😉😉😉
I was told that i have a long tung do i really
When some one calls me pretty be like . nooooooooooooo im not and hide my face and say i dont want u to see me as the ugly girls i am 🙈🙈🙈
When i get bpred be like worst selfs for life 🙌🙌🙌🙌
When i laugh i tried to hide my uglyness but it never works
When will he know that i cant hide my tear drops forever. they fall down my face from the pain i feel bad for what i did i didnt want to hurt him he says i didnt but i did my pain is hard but i live bc i have a guy that the pain wont hurt him to
Love like that though
Thats me
Thats me i act like that but the true thing is its most girls
Idk what to put
Im to fat i hate being a 100 pounds i want to be 85 but my mom wont let me stop eating again bc my doctor told her that i should actully be 120 this is messed up
Im to pallllll
Im so bored . but whos everyones day so far
Life is hard u have to go through pain everyday
Im so tired
Ppl stop being mean to some ppl bc u think ur better ur really not better ur wores u my have money and good close like some ppl have but that makes u powerful and not in a good why .so stop being mean and start being nice yea a word that u never new before bc everyone get bulledy and i bet u never like it when it happend to u so dont do that to other ppl .
Love is a meaning no one can explane
Best time of life . miss my bff. forever didnt last vary long. 2 moved away. and one i havent seen in 2 mounth she brooke her leg.and the other one liked me but one i dated this guy he started shit . one thing to the younger kids out the im young two only in 9th .but always live evrey day of ur life
Idk what to put . i new and not really good
I hate my eyes so i post alot of stuff about eyes i want
If u could have any of these eyes witch one would u pick
Comment on witch one u think is the best First Eyeem Photo