Clive Stapleton

Amateur Photographer based in Derby UK. Landscape Architecture, Transport and History. website
Clive Stapleton
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Street by buildings against blue sky
Exterior of house on field against sky
Close-up of information sign against trees
High angle view of motorcycle on road amidst trees
Information sign on road in city against sky
Cars on street against buildings in city
Road by building against sky
Historic building against sky
Trees by plants in forest
Close-up of lizard on green surface
Close-up of statue against wall
Scenic view of lake and houses against sky
Information sign on tree trunk in forest
Scenic view of lake by building against sky
High angle view of footpath amidst trees in forest
Rock formations by sea against sky
Built structure on field against sky
View of car on road
Scenic view of field against sky
Scenic view of lake
Information sign by sea against clear sky
Train on railroad track