clifton hubbard


Ummmmmmmm lol idk
My sis:)
Don't even trip about the clothes pins on my ears. I was a little drunk
Ski lift
Some lemonade with my pizza
Little me
My bummy ass
Perfect night with my girl @impandayolo
Turned up to the max. DrunkAsFuck Niu LovingLife Tweaking
Lil sis acting goofy
She like "what the fuck you looking at this my whip" lol
My Sunday night. Bong hits and wii sports
Oh yeahhhhh
The new whip.
Working on some shit.
This what hard work will do for you.
Some people should not smoke weed....@mmkaytea
Siri is retarded lol
Little sis is knocked out lol
Chicago is just so beautiful to me whenever I see it. I love my city. Chicago
All night study session.
Gotta love the classics
Fresh shave
So retarded
Hair growing
Woke up n saw this lol. Random Kushtexting . @shescreamjay_
Hairs getting long. :)
Stupid classs
With the bros. @shescreamjay_ , @csvp94
Bout to smash
Damn... Fuck class
S/O to @mzunderstood138 for showing me all this love. ????
Loneliness kicking in
Feeling myself