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Enjoying Life.
See you soon Boggs! Highschool Friends Cool
It's feels so good when you're with your family celebrating another year of exciting journey. Happy New Year everyone! Awesome2015 NewYear Family Celebration Philippines
It's a brand new chapter, make it memorable even more. Have an Awesome2015 ! Blessing Challenge Newjourney
InstantChef Done cooking my Spaghetti Carbonara with Shrimp and Mushrooms Pasta Newbie Newlove Yummy 2014 2015
Kiddle. Cuddling with kids. :) My youngest and naughty brother. CendañaKids
With Tita Dang. Cendana
My siblings from my father side. CendañaKids
1/10 A little cute boy named after a singer and composer of 'Just Once,' and a same-age-child actor of Home Alone. Birthday ThreeKings Yuppy  Countdown BirthdayThrowback
Cendaña kids. Cousins  Holidays2014
Shamelessselfie Nofilter
EyeSpy 2012 Shiraz wine Christmas2014 ChristmasWine
I just found an old pic of mine on Christmas season taken by one of the successful photographers of IABF, @markmarcaida. Happy Holidays everyone! Wishing you and your family good health, fruitful moments, and treasured joys in celebrating the best season of the year. Christmas2014
Greenwich lasagna is ?. Greenwich
Celebrating Christmas with complete members of the family. Christmas2014 Smile Familyselfie FirstPhotoOnMonopod
I found my new love.... cooking! Hahaha NoviceChef
Merry Christmas everyone! :) Smile Joy Happiness Family Friends You God Credits to @dorkydars thanks to ur phone's camera
Feel the Christmas with Kapamilya soundtracks. Abscbn
First gift for Christmas from @dorkydars . Thanks buddy! OneNicolo Christmas
With the Ninongs - t's fun to be one with OneNicolo NinongDuties TeamShi
Happy Birthday Nicolo! OneNicolo NinongDuties TeamShi
Spending 23rd day of holiday season with my long-time good friends from TUP Philippine Artisan. TheKindOfDecember PhilippineArtisan GoodPals Catchup ThreeYearsAfter Brian Sharon
Inisnab ng taxi driver? Call LTFRB agad agad! 4592129
While cleaning our house, I suddenly realized na I wanted to give something to my grandparents/legal guardian. My goal here is to tell them what is their greatest achievement of their entire life. - The only family photo that we have, a greatest treasure. Family Christmas Happy
About to receive my grandparents' Christmas gift from Valenzuela government - Office of Senior Citizen's Affairs. Valenzuela Osca
Concert buddies, anyone? :)
It really hurts me whenever I view this photo of my Ate Ria lying down on her hospital bed due to her illness. Hoping to spend Christmas, New Year and my Birthday with them completely at home. My Birthday Wish: Gumaling agad sya as soon as possible. Family Pray Kapitlang
Got my renewed passport. Ready to travel this 2015! :) Dfa Passport
An answered prayer. - It's been a while since the last time I signed a contract like this. And I'm glad that I just inked the contract today for Unilever to continue my career in sales & marketing. Signed Unileverph Sales Marketing FMCG Prayers Happy Breadwinner THIS
Iba talaga pag kagat-labi. :) SelfCrush HAHAHA Metime
Shamelessselfie while bantay sa hospital. Day3
An early birthday gift from @heyjustinewin, a cosplayer, artist, and one of the Google Student Ambassadors of 2014. Thank you Idol, Justine. :) Gsa Graphics Vector Art Photoshop Win BdayCliff
Will we spend Christmas here at the Philippine General Hospital? :( Hospital Relative Guardian Christmas
To the man in white, @laurencedelosreyes. Happy Happy 32nd Birthday Rence! "See you soon!" Hinahanap ka na ng inaanak mong si Nicolo at mas excited pa sa kanyan Mom nyang si @nhicenriquez na mag bukas ng x2 gift from each of us. :) Hahaha! Ingat! Enjoy your day! :)
Mandatory selfie since na nakapasa naman ako sa Smart Driving School in just 4 days. Lol. Valid for License, both manual and automatic. :) Driving FirstTime Passed Manual Automatic ForWork SmartDrivingSchool
Bringing back to old times, 'from the start.' Kabag Boggs Highschool Career Feelgood
Catch-up dinner with Boggs. Highschool Boggs
A worth to read note for myself to not go beyond unthinkable. Wallpaper
First time, first bite at Binalot. :)
Had my lunch and dinner at Shakeys. UmayNa Goodfriends Alumni IABFSC Kamustahan
Good luck on your entrance exam @shahannavargas ! :) Mba JD Ateneo
Let's check kung okay ang brush up. :)
Reading my driving safety handbook and sales & marketing management book. Time to recall everything from college for my Day 1 with my new work (that I won't disclose it yet). And enjoying my new Starbucks2015 Planner with matching autumn-like flavor made by my Lola and I. As requested, a special mention to Mr. Darwin Reyes (@dorkydars) for being the last person to give a sticker for this SB planner. ? Salamat! Masonjar Books Music Eyeglass ParkerPen Pen Chill VeryProductiveDay
My lola techie is playing the undying Candycrush while waiting for my turn. Dentalcheckup
Yummy nga naman talaga 'tong litrally big serving of ice cream desert from CafeKivhan at P. Noval, España. MidnightCatchup Lateupload
Iba talaga pag Unshaved , medjo (insert word here). Shamelessselfie again.
Oasis in Manila celebrates its annual PaskongPIYU 2014 and ends with this 3-minute firework display! IABF Cheers Congratulations IABF PowerBand for winning the title of this year's Christmas Acoustic Group, likewise as IABF DanceCompany for landing the 2nd runner-up for Artistic/Creative Dance Competition. Sayawit Fireworks ProudIABF Kudos @1justinangeles and the team!
People just come and go. But sometimes, they go somewhere for a minute to burn bridges, and learn to lie. Right @marcelotrisha @ariendarenz @lemybidaone @iamkayeking ? :) WHOGOAT
Thanks FEU SDEV Dir. @joevenrcastro for this certificate. And I apologize for not being present sa testimonial speech of @lemybidaone last time :/ I really appreciate this recognition. :-)
@polahlee meet my .... (ooooops. Hahaha!) Sorry Sir Rye. Hahah!