Darnell Lamont Walker


Writer :: Passport Stamp Collector :: Foodie :: Winnie-The-Pooh Quoter :: Sunset Chaser :: Neighborhood Spokesman
Barefoot barefoot love.
"Why won't you hug me," she asked. Homeless SkidRow Hug Dolls
From Brooklyn to the Bronx. I'll Hold You. New York Subway Unlikely Heroes Love Couple
Protest Fire Youth Ferguson Lights kids contemplating a protest in Ferguson, Missouri.
Capturing Freedom Faces Of Summer
Barefoot Dance
Faces Of Summer
Capturing Freedom love.
Yellows. Blues. Sunday's. Colorful San Francisco
Darkness And Light Dark Blackandwhite Light HostelLife London Brixton while the rest of us slept.
Unlikely Heroes while washing clothes in a Paris laundromat, I met Jean, a homeless fellow. He watched my clothes while I looked for a hostel for the night. Then we had lunch.
Faces Of Summer