I live in Berlin and I draw comics. I get excited about things.
Vernissage: "La petite ceinture de Paris: la voie est libre..."
Clément. Sort of. Hanging Out
Et c'est parti avec le théâtre Au Fil des Nuages!
I'm at U-Bhf Kreuzberg.
Fievel says you should go check out my blog tomorrow, 'cos a new comic will be happening. Http://
Sundown, Rathausbrücke. #Berlin
I deserve this Feierabendbier after inking most of the next MOS page.
Favorite Bar
Hanging Out
Scène ouverte franco-allemande ce soir!
I was journaling this morning and had that song stuck in my head.
Just gettin' stuffs done.
"Mr. Chai"
Enjoying The Sunshine
@ Kugelbahn Wedding
Hello. #Mitte