Ciro Flagella

Vivi e Ricorda
Ciro Flagella
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Side view of deer standing on field
Close-up of berries growing on tree
Rear view of man sign on road
Full frame shot of brick wall
Low angle view of electricity pylon against sky
Portrait of cow
Ship in sea against sky
Close-up of illuminated candles on table
Tower in city against cloudy sky
Close-up of information sign on wall
Full length of man running on field against sky during sunset
Hay bales on field
High angle view of leaves floating on lake
Swans swimming in lake
Scenic view of tree stump in forest
Close-up of dry leaf on plant
High angle view of sunflower
Silhouette of bare trees against sky
Scenic view of lake and mountains against sky
Close-up of coin-operated binoculars by sea against sky
Scenic view of sea against orange sky
Close-up of snake on rock
View of railway tracks along trees
Close-up of star field against sky at night
Rear view of woman sitting on chair by sea against sky
Low angle view of illuminated building against blue sky
Silhouette man in sea against sky
Close-up of camera against sky during sunset
Information sign on wooden post by mountains against sky