To be a valued girl! i am in hangzhou china.
my friends ,show their pure friendship. the picture is very popular called“taking you to all over the word”.
Undergraduation One anniversary. I really miss them.
She is my best friend, she is telling me about Russia where she had went some days ago. A beautiful experience !
This is my senior fellow apprentice who will be graduated. Today,I help him to take photos with our school. I will have the same day, so I hope I can do my best to live my study life.
一位邻居奶奶,其他都是邻居阿姨,我们在开茶会。村里的人经常这样一起喝茶。except a neighbor grandmotger ,they are all my neighbor aunts. we get together to drink tea. we villagers always get together to have a tea.
There comes a new big car to this kindergarten. 你们玩的开心嘛?开心!Are you happy? Yes! I think that a car may be children's whole world. Becky.
“Where is your favorite place in this school?” “Dong Xin bridge. ” “Why” “I can see much beautiful and charming scenery. Especially,when the boat is passing under the bridge. The wave can take my annoyances away.” “thank you!”
看,图片中的女生温柔可爱,不过她告诉我她的专业是药理学,她喜欢做老鼠的实验,会不会特别惊讶呢?哈哈,她说印象最深刻的一件事情是本科的时候,其她女生都不敢碰老鼠,她却一次杀了七只老鼠。 Look! A beautiful and cute girl in the picture. She told me that her major is pharmacology and she like to make the mice experiment. Oh! This surprised me! Ha ha...what impressed her is that she killed seven mouse one time, on the country, other girls were all scared to touch the mice, a thing occurred in the undergraduate period.
one piece i like my captain's smile