Christophe Friedli


The World Is Quieter Now

Days Gone Bye Eye4photography  Suisse  Lausanne (CH) Dreams EyeEm Nature Lover Eye4enchanting EyeEmBestPics Eye4emotions Sunset EeYem Best Shots Sky_collection Photooftheday Popular Photos
Some kind of Heaven Toronto Dreams Mobilephotography Eye4photography  EyeEmBestPics Eye4enchanting Tadaa Tadaa Friends Tadaa Community Full Moon
Nitesky "No one knows what's it like, You and me, you and I Underneath the night sky You and me, you and I I get lost, all the time In my thoughts and in my mind You come through like a light In the dark, give me sight If you let my soul out You let my soul out You let my soul out It'll come right back to you" The Traveler - 2015 EyeEm Awards Mobilephotography Eye4photography  Eye4enchanting Tadaa Eye4emotions Tadaa Community Toronto Darkness And Light EyeEmBestPics
The Sky Hello World Toronto Dreams Eye4photography  Eye4emotions Tadaa Tadaa Community Eye4enchanting Full Moon
The Loneliness Grows & Slowly the Memories Fade Eye4photography  Eye4emotions Eye4enchanting Dreams Mobilephotography Tadaa Tadaa Community Darkness And Light EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEmBestPics
This Bitter Earth (Part V): Our Chaos In Motion Toronto Eye4enchanting Eye4emotions Eye4photography  EyeEmBestPics Mobilephotography Tadaa Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends The Traveler - 2015 EyeEm Awards
The Sky " The sky is going to soak me through All she knows, I miss you  Every hour of every day there'll be tears falling Until you change your mind... " Eye4photography  Eye4emotions EyeEmBestPics Toronto EyeEm Nature Lover Eye4enchanting Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends Tadaa Mobilephotography
Better to burn now than to fade away. Thewalkingdead TWD Selfportrait Self Portrait Toronto Selfie ✌ Tadaa Community Mobilephotography Hello World That's Me Darkness And Light Hi!
When it is all over, will this feeling remain?... Mobilephotography Toronto Eye4photography  EyeEmBestPics Eye4enchanting Eye4emotions Tadaa Dreams EyeEm Nature Lover Tadaa Friends
"Forlorn". "I journey to the valley of the moon. Driven forward by brilliant shafts of light. Half crazed from lack of love I swoon. And cry your name into the, the cold dark night" The Traveler - 2015 EyeEm Awards Toronto Tadaa Community Eye4emotions Eye4photography  Eye4enchanting Tadaa Full Moon Cycling Around Mobilephotography
Deep in thought I forgive everyone... Caturday Cat♡ Darkness And Light Dreams Eye4photography  Toronto
This Bitter Earth (Part VI - It'll End in Tears): Daphne Eye4emotions Eye4photography  Eye4enchanting EyeEmBestPics Toronto Mobilephotography Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends Winter Shades Of Grey
This Bitter Earth (Part IV): Dream's Essence Eye4photography  Eye4emotions Mobilephotography Toronto Tadaa Tadaa Community Eye4enchanting EyeEmBestPics EyeEm Nature Lover The Traveler - 2015 EyeEm Awards
You Made Shy Flowers Bloom. Toronto Hibiscus 🌺 Blue Eye4photography  Tadaa Tadaa Friends Tadaa Community EyeEmBestPics Eye4enchanting Eye4emotions
Left, Unsaid Toronto Mobilephotography Dreams Shades Of Grey Eye4photography  Eye4enchanting Eye4emotions EyeEmBestPics EyeEm Nature Lover Tadaa Tadaa Community Darkness And Light
Here With Me Toronto Mobilephotography Eye4photography  EyeEmBestPics Eye4enchanting Eye4emotions Darkness And Light Tadaa Tadaa Community The Traveler - 2015 EyeEm Awards
Like the dream you know one day will come to life. Hanging Out That's Me Hello World Dreams Tadaa Community Cycling Around Eye4emotions Self Portrait
Counting Clouds Hanging Out That's Me Hello World Hi! Dreams Darkness And Light Self Portrait Tadaa Friends Textures Mobilephotography
Taken in 2011, Trou aux Biches Mauritius Eye4enchanting Eye4emotions EyeEmBestPics Eye4photography  Tadaa Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends Ocean Turquoise By Motorola
This Bitter Earth (Part I) Eye4photography  EyeEm Nature Lover Eye4emotions EyeEmBestPics Mobilephotography Tadaa Friends Tadaa Tadaa Community Eye4enchanting Toronto
Stealth. ? ;) Wishing all a wonderful weekend. ☀ Mobilephotography Tadaa Tadaa Friends Toronto Eye4photography  Cycling Around Streetphotography Streetart EyeEmBestPics