Christina Purdion


Better breadsticks than Olive Garden for real!!! This is the bees knees...
We have the sweetest and most beautiful puppies on the planet! Animalsiblings Sirbaxterwigglesworth Mollyollieollie Lovemyfurbabies
Powdered donut mustaches are awesome!
Molly-Ollie-Ollie 2014
Christmas is coming....right around the corner.
Molly-Ollie-Ollie ?
First Eyeem Photo
They come back with 2 mini pumpkins and this Godzilla-sized monster! Ugh...Brad will be in charge of cleaning this thing out!
Annnnd, the flames on the back! I love this boy...
Francis' "Ghost Rider" Pumpkin...front side! He looks just like his pumpkin. Heehee...
Cleaned Kermit's house, it's time to clean Molly's stinky butt!
Looks like I've got some gift wrapping to do tonight! Birthdayboy PresentsGalore
Today was annual Francis Day and I think it's been pretty fun!
Pool time!
His runner bib has been through battle. lol
LOL Yep...true story! ???
I don't think Molly is very happy with us for putting her at the foot of the bed. :(
Chicken enchiladas over tex-mex rice w/ refried beans and chips and salsa. Deliciousness Fiestainmymouth Stuffed
Suckin' the heads...mmmmmm, good! Crawfishboil Tasty Making $$$
It's official! Our new favorite color is PINK!
Somebody just can't keep that powdered sugar out of his beard...
Elbow deep in powdered
Hot, Fresh Beignets!
Fresh flowers on the table are my new thing this year...they just make me HAPPY!!! ????
The hot towel wrap....oh. my. gosh. This is heaven today. They don't rush here...and, I love it!
LMBO! If you ever want a good chuckle, just walk into this boys room in the middle of the night. Will he EVER outgrow the "butt in the air" position?!?
This baby is really starting to get comfortable and take over my belly...helllloooo stretchy pants! ;)